Tuesday, May 11, 2010

week of nanpa

Good morning. It's 3:09AM here, and as per usual I am not sleeping.

It's been a very eventful week, and even though Golden Week ended last week, I feel like it's been continuing for me until today. I guess I've just had a lot of my mind, since, as hinted by the title...

It has been a week of nanpa (getting hit on).

Surprising, as I usually am nanpa'd only by drunkies and the elderly. It had been a most interesting week, and somehow I wound up with several missed homework deadlines, a gyaro guy who calls me "honey" and a massive neck-cramping issue from the Sadie live on Saturday.

The point of all this is: My friend Hannah bought me this weird pencil in Nara and I am so in love with it's weirdness that I don't know what to do with myself. Look at it. It's ridiculous.

Good view of my crack nail, there, too. Ha.

One thing I really, really love about gal style here lately is fake lashes. At first, the trend for them seemed spawned purely by necessity, but after watching girl after girl walking around with the most obvious, plastered fake lashes, something started to rub off on me. I've been trying to work with what I have, since a) I'm poor, and b)I have pretty long lashes anyway.

It's tough, though. My lashes appear both resistant to curling and simply to consume the mascara I coat them with. If I were to be burned alive in a dramatic fire bombing incident, I'm sure my lashes would remain unaffected amidst the puddle of my melted face (don't think on that too hard). Max Factor, however, is really givin' it it's best, I can tell. :(

So I'm gonna' give the fake lashes a go.

I'm hesitant to make a serious investment yet, but lucky for me, the Shibuya Taito Game Center is stocked with purikura machines that give you free eye-lash omake each time you use (the two different Rich Eyelash above). Haha! 8D

I'm off to research some rec's. And maybe I'll sleep before 8AM today.