Wednesday, April 28, 2010

lame, lame, lame

Since Thursday afternoon of last week I've been battling with the plague. It's sucked immensely, since as opposed to the US (where I seem to overcome and avoid colds and illness easily), in Japan I always seem highly susceptible. And there is nothing interesting about my being ill minus from the immense amount of Gossip Girl and Project Runway I've been watching. And strange nanpa (getting hit on) while waiting out after a D'espairsRay live in Shibuya on Saturday.

I swear it's the extensions.

Lately it's also been getting warmer and I've been wanting to shop for new spring/summer clothing, but I ended up spending the rest of my savings on the GazettE tickets.

Ha. So until I get my work permit, perhaps I should describe my style as...

Tour shirt. D:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

we are beautiful fighters

Hur hur, I'm kind of obsessing over Beautiful Fighters by Ayumi Hamasaki at the moment, but nevermind that.

I figured there's no better way to start a style blog than posting your outfit for the day. And since today's outfit is somewhat characteristic of what I usually wear (T-shirt, skirt, tights), I thought it would be uncharacteristically appropriate. I'm not sure what I really meant by saying "uncharacteristically" right there.

First off, I'm sorry for the myspace angles, but a) my roommate's asleep and you wouldn't see anything if I took these pictures in the dark with my real camera (or maybe they would just be even more emo), b) there are too many parentheses in this sentence, c) there was nowhere I could prop my camera in the hallway, d) my arm isn't long enough to get my whole body in the shot without some form of scene-tastic maneuvering, and e) :D

My face was crazy. Drinking!face (not drunken!face) is not my best JELLY pose (not that drunken!face is better).

At any rate, here you can kind of get an image: T-shirt, skirt, boots, hair with the side-swoop bangs and tied to the side with a purple, sparkly bow. And I really wish I could have captured the full glory of my bitchin' cupcake and lollipop earrings, but I guess that's for another day. This is a typical outfit. Not particularly stylish and somewhat lacking in originality/accessories.

A girl on the way to the train station did look me over and say to her friend "oshare ne" (stylish), though, which made me grin like an idiot. Maybe she was talking about the 100Yen Lawson behind me, though; I can't be certain.

What I was wearing: (minus my two jackets on top of one another dripping in uncool because of the cold)
☆ Shirt - Forever 21 (US ver.)
☆ Skirt - Sirens (US)
☆ Tights - Doll Kiss
☆ Boots - Harajuku Shoes
☆ Ice chai tea latte - Starbucks

I'm not quite sure what this would be called, but with my jacket(s) with the Sex Pot and Mad Hellcat Punks pins, and the Sex Pot hand bag, I could possibly call this a bit Harajuku-kei. Popular with middle-schoolers Japan wide. :(

It's a limited, basic style, and this is what I would like to improve.

In other news, I saw a friends' friends' L'Arc~en~Ciel cover band play in Shin Okubou today. They played Caress of Venus, and even though the vocalist was dressed like a fourteen year old boy at a Gazette concert and his eye-make was just melting down his face as he sang, he sounded just like a slightly higher pitched Hyde. It was awesome. So was his one random fan boy dancing in the front and holding the umbrella for him later outside, haha...

once upon a time

Hello, there. I'm really not good with introductions, so thank you for reading this anyway. At least what you have read of it. This, too.

You can stop anytime you like. I won't hold it against you.

I will, however, mention two things.

1. My name is dish. And...

2. This is a blog about developing a sense of style. Not in the general sense, as a guide or a how-to. Heavens, no. I know nothing about such things, myself. This is a blog in which I will attempt to develop my own sense of style and write my process. Over the past few years I have been all over the board, and lately I'm really trying to distinguish what I, myself, like (and what works for me), from what I simply admire.

That's all. ☆