Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oh, iTunes.

Ever open your iTunes and start playing something, thinking it's on shuffle, and after a few songs think, "Wow, iTunes. You're playing all my favorite songs today!"

...Only to see it's playing by most played tracks?

gaze gaze gaze gaze gaze...

Conversely, do you ever get the idea that you're going to listen to all the tracks in your iTunes without any existing play counts, but every time you check on your progress it's still at halfway?

Well, I do. :/

Monday, October 17, 2011

just another day

Happy Sunday! Day off for me, so it was somewhat joyous, except for the headache that has been chasing me down and tackling all day. <3

Just another example of how I'm dressing all the time lately. Can't really see the shorts, but since it's gotten just a touch cooler, I'm back to tights+shorts, bandshirts+cardigans. Yes, that's my old Dir en grey US UROBOROS shirt, haha.

Back to work tomorrow, working with my manager. Lately she scares me. :/

Saturday, October 1, 2011


So today was all about the GRE. It was about me having shitty dreams about the GRE. Then waking up shit early and thinking about the GRE. Then reading my outdated book about the GRE. Then going to take the GRE. Then coming home and drooling in ignorant bliss on my laptop because I'm done with my GRE.

Delicious caramel macchiato from the other day at Cups & Mugs. <3

I would post something more, but I'm far too gone right now.