Saturday, May 5, 2012

Underwear and Bears and Shoes Not Good For Running

I have a shopping problem, of course, so today I thought I would write a little about that. I mean, I'm not too out of control, having heard horror stories about some people's spending. But I am sometimes glad I don't own any credit cards. 

So these two lovelies came to greet me at the door a few days after pay day this past month. 

One thing that ruins me and thrills me about Japan? Payment on delivery.

So first was this little lavender number from Peach John. It was one of their super sale items and shipped super quick. Hard to see here, but there's a little jeweled loop in the middle of the bra. Super cute!

Second were these hussylike heels from a brand on Rakuten, Soku Soko. Super cheap and a good fit, but I think my mother had a good point when I showed them to her on skype and she told me to get my health insurance settled before I wear them anywhere. D:

And that's just from the internet, haha!

Technically bought this from the last paycheck. It was so cute and affordable at ¥2900, that I had the super cute staff girl give me a call when more came in. It's by a cute brand here in the HEP5 called Jelly Beans. It's mostly amekaji style, very loose fitting tee's and denim with super cute cartoon prints!

These cute Superman underwear came from another shopping day in Shinsaibashi with my lovely Jiroko. They were 30% off at the Aimer Feel outlet and had many super cute styles of Superman and Batman to choose from, all with matching shopping bags when you purchase!

They came with these lulzy directions: XD

A few other things lately, of course, since my shopping syndrome flares up almost daily. But I've been a little better this month since I know I have to fork out a ton for my Gazette DVD on the 9th!

Anyway, just a few shopping gets from this month. Oh yeah! And the new Sweet came with a cute Cher tote, so I snatched that up, too, of course.

Might go watch some more of the Mentalist now and draw.

I leave you with a video from my awesome new 8MM app for iPhone I took on the walk home this afternoon. Such nice weather and the trees were so green!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chrome Hearts and Sweet Hearts

So it's Golden Week here, which doesn't mean as much to me as some people, working where I do. Really it's just another week. I did find out today that I somehow magically escaped loading myself down with gobs of overtime this month though, so I get my own personal golden week later this month. Now what to do with all that free time... D:

Last time when I posted about my play date in Shinsaibashi, I somehow managed to leave out one of the most momentous moments of the day, and I spent all week hating myself, so I'm going to update it now! This may mean nothing to some people, but when you spend half your life obsessed with visual kei, there is a special meaning there.

It's rather unassuming from the outside, until the light on the floor catches your eye.

Dodging the security guard here. Again, very unassuming sign.

But then you can officially put your money where your mouth is. :)

Of course all the jewelry is sealed in very stylish cases and china cabinets with Chrome Hearts molding on the hinges and what have you. And there are no prices.

It's beautiful and magical and we were happy to see other pedestrians gawking about as well. Stores like this are so intimidating to enter alone! Anyway, it was magical and spontaneous, so it needed to be documented.

Yesterday I also went out with some lovely ladies again for lots of unnecessary eating, wandering, and karaoke.

My code.

Bad quality from my dusty mirror, sry. I cleaned it since! Anyway, apparently these days my boho condition is flaring up. I really need a cream for that or something, haha.

Adjustable cardigan: Heavan and Earth
T-shirt: HERESY fanclub goods
Black ripped shorts: Jelly Beans

These awesome gun studs given to me by my lovely friend K for my birthday in February. 

Me creepin' on some hotties in the Daimaru.

I can get chicks like you wouldn't believe.

Anyway, it was a fun day and I spent more money! On the old Ruki 005 Rock and Read, because I have no priorities in life.

And now it's bath time!