Saturday, June 8, 2013

Just A Shimokita Old Lady Day

So lately I've been on a long journey of sick, it seems. I caught a really bad cold and lost my voice for a while, it lasted ages, and finally I was back to normal and the vertigo hit me. Hard, too, I was barely able to work half this week. Then right at the end of the week, when it seems I'm getting better, here comes another cold. もういいわ!! D:

Needless to say, I've been doing nothing but laying as still as possible and pretending I'm an old person recently.

I did however, stumble out into the world today in search of a shower curtain and in light of my joy at spending money, I drew a postcard about it... Dun dun duuuuun!

Shimokita Baachan Day 6/7

I got the idea from a book I stumbled upon in the ladies magazines.

Cherry Coke bottle 2 by Outa Uni

It's the second half of a collection of columns drawn for Zipper magazine (bottle 1 wasn't in the store). It's super cute, though, and as the band says, a Shopping Diary, where she drew items, outfits, and coordinates etc related to fashion and her shopping adventures. There are lots of notes and cute little sidebars about failing the diet, etc. It's really adorable and super entertaining.

Random page

I love stuff like this, where I can just stare at it for hours and soak in every little detail. Anyway, I recommend it to anyone who likes things like that. Also, not so expensive, only about ¥1300. :)

Anyway, as the postcard drawing says, I couldn't find a shower curtain I liked, but I finally got a bath mat!


The plan is to have flowers on everything in the bathroom including some fake flowers. I want it to be like a tiny garden with a cat in the middle when you open the door. Because I'm ridiculous and this is where lying as still as possible in one position all week has put my priorities.

Anyway, that's all from me. Happy June!