Sunday, December 8, 2013

MacBook Love

Hello! Sorry to be so absent lately. Ever since my old computer become impossible to read/write on I thought I would use my phone to update and instead of just leaving this blog alone, but yappa the blogger app for iPhone just sucks. I tried posting once or twice from it and it just wouldn't seem to update properly.

I still think keeping a blog, keeping a sort of record of things I've done, what I'm thinking is important, though, so I still want to keep updating. I like twitter style, just saying what I think when I think it, but in the end, it doesn't amount to much does it. Oh well, my new xmas/bday present to myself should make my whole world much better.

I wrote it on twitter and instagram already, but I got a...

A MacBook! Technically, a 13" MacBook Pro with retina screen. ♡

It's small and adorable and sleek and beautiful and just basically everything and more than I could ever need. Since I started looking at new computers there were several I was interested in, but all the positive feedback about Macs just finally burrowed its way into my core after all. I am almost a complete virgin to Mac, too, so I was worried about learning to use it, but I have been super surprised to find it's incredibly user friendly. I love and am abusing the little finger swipe mechanism right now too, to go back and forth and move around etc. I'm shocked how much it works like my iPhone.

The one thing that has startled me though, is that I just made this purchase Monday, not a week ago yet and already the system has just frozen on me completely twice. wtf is dat

But I will go back to the store and figure out what the shit is going on this week. :D

Anyway, I'm poor again, yay! Cheers!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Computer Problems

Hey, long time no update! How are you guys? (That picture was for one of my schools so they can tell each class who's having lunch with me, lol) 

I've been wanting to update recently, but my computer is on the... Eh... What's that expression? I dunno, but it looks like this pretty much constantly: 

Yah. I even got a cheap tv on Craigslist to hook up as a monitor, but pretty much every site I look at tells me it's not going to work very well so I'm hesitant to buy the appropriate connectors. Damn you, windows vista.

Anyway, it's Sunday afternoon of Halloween weekend and I'm getting over the most exciting cold ever. I've literally done nothing but sleep, sneeze, and attempt to watch Metalocalypse all weekend, which I guess was necessary after going to work with a fever two days in a row, but sucks when I see people's awesome instagram photos from Halloween parties. Guh.

Anyway, now that the blogger app for iPhone seems to be a little easier to work with, I will update more. Hope you guys are having a good Halloween weekend!


If you recognize that photo👆, you know that my mind is in a sad, fan girly place right now.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rainy and Going Home

It's so bleak out this week After getting caught in a sudden downpour in Shibuya the other day after going to see that gallery exhibition Ruki mentioned on twitter, I haven't been so keen to go out. I don't know why I just hate carrying an umbrella such that I'd rather stay home.


The exhibit was really modest but quite nice I thought. Yoda Koji (依田耕治) has done a lot of album covers and art for various bands (Dir en grey, the GazettE, Angelo, more), but his pieces are really interesting on their own. Especially if you bought the TOXIC album and are familiar with the illustrations inside the book, you'll recognize his style. Lots of cut-outs and layering, geometric designs, heavy religious imagery. He had two pieces, ILLEGAL FAMILY and WITHER which I especially liked. If you're in the Tokyo area, I recommend having a look for yourself. YUBISUI's work is much more graphic, like his Six Guns art for the GazettE, but cute and colorful. I didn't realize just how wide-spread his work is, honestly.

Died my hair btw.

I'm going home for a few weeks on Saturday, to the US. While I'm there I will listen to all my old mix CDs from high school and look at my old sketchbooks and think about how things were, as we do when we get older. Hopefully when I come back, I will feel some life has returned to me.

This morning after fighting with my mother again on skype an old friend from high school messaged me and we just talked about nothing for an hour or so. Literally, I think it was mostly just making puns at each other, no real communication, but I felt so happy then. I often feel like I am talking to walls, but I guess everyone feels like that.

And on that bleak note.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Shave Them Legs

Like them sexy feet? It seems like a majority of people in this world are terrified or disgusted of feet for some reason or another. I mean, I understand not wanting other people's feet in your face and all, but foot-phobia is generally quite puzzling to me. Anyway.

Just jumped out of the shower on my super work-free Friday and took some extra time to do a hair mask and shave my legs (even though I suck at it and had to touch it up as soon as I put on my shorts), and am pondering something that has plagued me ever since I started shaving my legs to begin with.

Now, I'm from the southern US, Georgia to be specific, and my mother is a pretty southern as far as southern goes, and she raised me in what I can only assume is a very southern way. When I was first "old enough" (oo la la!) to shave my legs I remember my mother telling me, "A lady never need shave more than an inch above the knee."

And unless I'm wearing something particularly short without tights (which is only in the dead of summer like now), its generally a rule I follow.

The problem is, now is baking outside and there's just no way to get by without flashing some thigh and I just want to shave hell out of them. Uggggh but the hair is so thin and light, it takes forever and I can never seem to get it all. It's quite possibly the bane of my existence right now.

So I'm just curious. What do you do to make this process easier?

And I'm off work for summer now! It's so nice to have a long, work-free summer vacation for once without have to take any huge exams to get there, haha. Cheers!

^ I walk past this place on the way to work sometimes. I can't tell if it's a plant shop, a gardeny cafe, or just someone's private gardeny world, but it's amazing. Through the windows there are so many plants and just these sparsely hanging light bulbs creating the most perfect ambiance you've ever seen.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Things I'm "Digging" Lately

I made another vlog post. I can't help it, the last was really fun and I had some free time, so :/

 So, if you watched that, those are some things I'm into recently. Also super psyched because my Asian Kung-Fu Generation and lynch. tickets just got here while I was posting that. I didn't mention AKFG in that video because my Gorillaz love is a little overwhelming right now, but AKFG is also something I'm getting back into after a long time. I really like there latest album to bits. Like it to bits.

 And I finally got curtains, so finally the neighbors don't have to endure my naked... tada!

embrace the paisley

And then the other day in Shibuya I saw this... tada!

hide museum bus! feels! 8D

And that's all. Later!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

3 min Make-Up Challenge!

Good morning!

I don't usually destroy my drive for success so early in the day, nor do I usually make vlogs (and by that I mean never), but today was a special kind of work day, so I decided to do something unusual. And actually I still haven't been called in to work yet, so at 10am I'm removing this shit and going back to sleep, haha.

Anyway, if you watch it and read this, I'm tagging YOU! I shared my failure with you, so please give it a try and share a link to your video! We can comfort each other, haha.

I did finish it eventually, btw. I don't really wear much when I go to work, nor recently since it's gotten hot because my skin is so rough and it melts. But when finished:


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Plans to Destroy Myself

Good morning!

My work shoes I posted on instagram a couple of months ago. They're probably even worse now since I've just kept wearing them.

I don't know how quickly we are affected by such things, but sort of frighteningly I've started to notice I'm tripping up more often in more normal shoes, and on my right foot too, like I'm swinging it too low or something. DD8

Maybe it's just my inherent lack of grace though, I can't say.

Have a nice day!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Watching and Moving


Been ages again, but... Happy July!

Hope everyone's enjoying the summer heat. Not really even near full capacity yet here in Tokyo. It's surprising to me though, since every day I head out of my apartment ready to die and it's never as bad as I expect.

The heat is killing my skin though! I've cut down on sugars, starting using some other products (I have my LuLuLun mini mask on as I type this, haha), and stuff, but it's still too soon to see results yet. All I know is if nothing works, I'm going to have to start storing my head in a freezer at night or accept my new complexion au pubescent boy. :/

In good news, my vertigo has gotten much better! I don't want to jinx it and say it's gone, but it seems lately  to be triggered mostly by when I try to sleep on my right side and when I drink alcohol. That sounds weird, but it's true.

...ooooooh, this Bon Presso is chilling my legs. D8

Anyway, I sort of go in and out of all my fads. I abuse something for a week and then drop it like its hot the next, and my recent fad is, dun da duh duuuuuun....


I've currently been abusing bubzbeauty's youtube channel as well as her personal vlog channel, which is mostly about 8min vlogs about things she does in her day.e's really cute with a good sense of humor and a really great attitude about day to day life, her videos have lots of great how-to's, recs, and inspiring ideas or messages. I really, really recommend her channel, if you haven't seen it yet. The above "Beauty Day with Bubz" video is my favorite. The inspiration for how I'm spending my Sunday evenings!

Also from bubbi's channel, I found blogilates! These videos are fantastic, and so great since I had just recently thought about getting an aerobics exercise DVD or something to use in my room. I don't know why it never occured to me to check youtube. I'm way out of shape, so I've decided on using the beginners videos and terrorizing myself with some of the challenges now and then, at least until I get some curtains where my neighbors won't be able to see me tripping over my own feet with the cardio workouts and dancing Gangnam Style at odd hours of the night.

If you're ambitious, I really recommend the "Call Me Maybe Mighty Squat Challenge" here. It's really hard for me to walk right now (which is especially difficult since I spend much of my work day going up and down many various flights of stairs).

She also has a really trying arm challenge to Want U Back by Cher Lloyd that I aim to conquer and a really fun-looking Gangnam Style dance routine.

I also starting watching some amatuer Japanese comedian blogs, but that's another story for another day, haha.

I hope you enjoy, and if anyone has any recs for me of interesting vlogs or youtube/vimeo channels, please let me know!

Good night  ミ☆

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Just A Shimokita Old Lady Day

So lately I've been on a long journey of sick, it seems. I caught a really bad cold and lost my voice for a while, it lasted ages, and finally I was back to normal and the vertigo hit me. Hard, too, I was barely able to work half this week. Then right at the end of the week, when it seems I'm getting better, here comes another cold. もういいわ!! D:

Needless to say, I've been doing nothing but laying as still as possible and pretending I'm an old person recently.

I did however, stumble out into the world today in search of a shower curtain and in light of my joy at spending money, I drew a postcard about it... Dun dun duuuuun!

Shimokita Baachan Day 6/7

I got the idea from a book I stumbled upon in the ladies magazines.

Cherry Coke bottle 2 by Outa Uni

It's the second half of a collection of columns drawn for Zipper magazine (bottle 1 wasn't in the store). It's super cute, though, and as the band says, a Shopping Diary, where she drew items, outfits, and coordinates etc related to fashion and her shopping adventures. There are lots of notes and cute little sidebars about failing the diet, etc. It's really adorable and super entertaining.

Random page

I love stuff like this, where I can just stare at it for hours and soak in every little detail. Anyway, I recommend it to anyone who likes things like that. Also, not so expensive, only about ¥1300. :)

Anyway, as the postcard drawing says, I couldn't find a shower curtain I liked, but I finally got a bath mat!


The plan is to have flowers on everything in the bathroom including some fake flowers. I want it to be like a tiny garden with a cat in the middle when you open the door. Because I'm ridiculous and this is where lying as still as possible in one position all week has put my priorities.

Anyway, that's all from me. Happy June!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

From Tokyo, With Love

Hello, there. So, it's been a long time since my last update, and even looking at the date I can't believe we're nearing the end of April already. I feel like we just started 2013 a few weeks ago. Is this what it's like to get old? Haha

Of course a lot of stuff has happened, lives were went, jobs were quit and started, but maybe the biggest thing for me is my move to Tokyo!

At the end of March, with the help of a bunch of lovelies back in Osaka, I packed up and left my cozy Umeda apartment for good, spent a week surfing the couch at Katie's, and finally hopped the shink to my new apartment in Tokyo.

Some pictures of my new place;

the road there, covered in cherry blossoms


kitchen had nothing

post cards and art from a friend, some MUCC stickers

miss wave keepin' my plant company.

I got really lucky with this place, my landlord is a really sweet older couple who very kindly gave me some appliances their daughter used to use, but maybe the stress of moving and my new job wore me out a bit, so my condition hasn't been so great since moving. During training week for my new job I was having some kind of inner-ear problem that made me dizzy very often, and then just recently I've caught a cold. Usually my health is really good, too. :/

I made some shelves from the moving boxes, though, since I can't afford furniture!

Anyway, it's always my goal to update more, so I think my next post will be a sort of quick "catch up" if you will, of some highlights since I stopped updating so frequently.

Just gotta keep away from these donuts for a few more months 'til I get paid. ;;__;;


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Nail time

I'm thinking beach in the 1950's.

Sorry I haven't made any post recently. I guess I've just been a little distracted. Three diff realtors in my inbox trying to find me an apartment in Tokyo suddenly and now I feel a little overwhelmed. :D

Anywaaaaays, how are you?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Good morning

Yet again it's been long time no write. I keep coming across things to say and pictures to post, but they just add up so quickly that unless I post them quickly I feel overwhelmed. I'm also an incredible slow poke and sometimes making one of these entries takes me like an hour, haha.

But all that aside-- I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Actually I just celebrated Christmas on Wednesday with my mum on account of my coming home late for the holidays. This two weeks in America is really kind of turning out to be how I thought it would, too, if we're being honest here. I have eaten a ton of delicious, fattening food, drawn a crack ton of sketches, and watched a metric fuck ton of Downton Abbey. Classy, right?

Most of this in pajama pants and a T-shirt, save for a getting gussied up a few times to step out.

Can't see too well, but I love this red and off white striped cami-sheath (one way). It's super circusy with the mustache necklace (unknown, gift from a friend). New blazer was super discounted, too (Express).

Cute retro pumps I bought in a boutique in downtown Rome ages ago (Danita K, an unknown).

It's been nice chilling out and waking up at 6 am everyday, seeing old friends and family, but boredom is creeping in and I think I'm ready to return to the real world soon.

Today I watched the entire inaugural day of President Obama up until the parade when I really just needed to get up and do something for a while. The speech was really great, and I love that he wasn't afraid to mention some real issues he's ready to delve into in these months ahead instead of all of the usual metaphorical nonsense wrapped up in diverting patriotism. I'm relieved global warming might finally be ready to receive some coverage as a serious issue and not some kind of superstitious subplot. 

So yes. Here's to 2013. 

Maybe this year I'll finally become Barbie, like I always wanted to.

I'm workin' on it.