my name is dish.

I'm an American girl from the South living in Tokyo, Japan. This is a personal blog about my life and the things I'm interested in and doing, so if you don't know me, it might not appeal to you at all, but I love to meet new people, so feel free to drop me a comment or a tweet anytime.

I'm into art, music, and fashion.

Art: I do mainly line art of people and detailed settings, but I also like collages and crafts.

Music: I started listening to Japanese rock and visual kei back in school, and years later I'm still on the train. Intensively, I follow the GazettE and am a Heresy member, other than that I follow various other bands sporadically.

Fashion: As many girls do, I love clothes and shopping and assembling new looks, though perhaps I don't often look it. I also enjoy it historically and as a study just as much as I do as an activity.

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