Wednesday, April 28, 2010

lame, lame, lame

Since Thursday afternoon of last week I've been battling with the plague. It's sucked immensely, since as opposed to the US (where I seem to overcome and avoid colds and illness easily), in Japan I always seem highly susceptible. And there is nothing interesting about my being ill minus from the immense amount of Gossip Girl and Project Runway I've been watching. And strange nanpa (getting hit on) while waiting out after a D'espairsRay live in Shibuya on Saturday.

I swear it's the extensions.

Lately it's also been getting warmer and I've been wanting to shop for new spring/summer clothing, but I ended up spending the rest of my savings on the GazettE tickets.

Ha. So until I get my work permit, perhaps I should describe my style as...

Tour shirt. D:


  1. Hi~~
    I'm sorry to hear there is something about Japan that makes your immune system more susceptible to colds. But you are studying abroad in Tokyo, that is sooo exciting! Me = jealous of you hehe^^

    Thank you for leaving your comment on my blog! I was very happy to receive it^^ I actually have a duffel bag under my clothes so I can pack extra stuff in it when I return^^

  2. Hi there! first time commenter! x3

    aw tour shirt is a nice style too, if it's Gazette's! XD

    Hope you get better soon!

  3. @ さらまり- Hi! Aa, yea, I'm still all coughy and stuff. Will it never end??! ;_;

    Aaaa, it's so nice, I really don't want to go home. You should find a study abroad program or something, too! 頑張れ! :D

    Ahaha, you planned well. xD Thank you for responding! <3

    @ Sasa - Hello! Thank you so much for the comment! :D

    Tour shirt style is pretty reliable, haha. And at least Gazette shirts aren't too tour shirty. xD;

    Thank you so much!