Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Some Recent Outtings and Pictures

Today was my day off. I got up early to meet some guys from work for sushi (mmm... sushi breakfast) and nerdy Japan/video game talk. Decided today was a day to do something with myself, so I've been updating my calendar and organizing.

Since I posted my old ones last time...

Cute, cute, cute ♪

A couple of weeks ago I went to a family reunion. A short, small event, but still a good reason for wearing my new dress.

ca. $25 @ Rue21

The edit on that photo was accidental and blows my mind.

Some time after that (I believe), mum and I went downtown one day for delicious bacon, apple and cheese sandwiches at the Harvest Moon Cafe and to wander around the shops. The outfit has been seen before, but I got to try a cute dango-style updo with one of my usamimi hair-twists from Primark.


 After foods and shoppings, we wandered into the Honey Moon Bakery next door and bought treats.

Sundae Cupcake

It was too cute and looked so convincingly like ice cream, I had to get it. Of course, three bites in and I was ready for diabetic coma.

But just... Look at it.


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