Thursday, April 26, 2012

That's money, honey

Good evening!   It's been such a long time since my last update I feel super ashamed-- especially since it seems like I died at a GazettE concert, haha. But anyways, I have actually been deliberating on how to start updating for a while now. It's not that I don't have anything to update about, but rather that I have too much and I don't know where or how to begin.

So I decided that maybe the best way would just be to start from the most current and fill in the gaps! So that's my plan! Hopefully that means lots of updates here in the future. 

So yesterday I had a lovely date with my dear Jiroko in Shinsaibashi! We don't get to hang out just the two of us very often, so we kind of jumped on the chance to have a rare day together for donuts and shoes.

My code!

A little hard to see because my mirror's a bit dusty... eheheh! The weather's been super nice and springy recently, though, so I went in some tights, denim shorts (that you cannot see, lol), a loose, thin H&M shirt, and my netted grey Forever21 cardigan. And it's finally flats weather, so of course I broke those out quick

We met in the afternoon and went to have lunch at a Korean restaraunt in the OPA where we had some  delicious bibimbap!

It was great and I ate every single bit, despite the diet, so ha!

After that we moved on to the main shopping street in Shinsaibashi, where we wandered through shoes stores only to find failure. There were lots of lovely discounted underwear, but alas, having already bought two sets since I was last paid, I turned down a pair of sexy pink and black striped aimer feel lingerie. I mean, you can only wear so much underwear at once, right? I may go back for them after the next pay check, though, tbh. D:

Purikura with my lovely! I cannot have enough!! 

Shopping was not completely lacking for me, of course. It rarely is, since I have a sort of out-of-control impulse buying problem (no really, I'm terrified of myself some times). We wandered into Cecil McBee eventually, and I can never escape that store without buying something. This time I just picked up two goodies I had been eyeing over a month ago and was shocked to see they still had.

This hat I loved the last time I was in there, and it really was too cheap to pass up, since they still had it (only ¥1,260!) And especially since I never got my cancan hat last year. :/

These rings were a set for 30% off, which wasn't a bad deal. The gold is kind of a pink gold, too, and a little feminine without being delicate. Delicate jewelry isn't really to my taste. I wanted a gold ring, though, since I have accumulated a few other gold accessories since last fall and still only have silver rings.

Anyway, after that we drifted through Franc Franc and sniffed all the smelly things and settled into the Krispy Kreme for caffeine and donuts. Because apparently all we really do is eat. :D

There was one last big purchase of the day, of course, and of course it had to be...


We had a feeling it would be out the day before release, so we popped into Zeal Link where Jiroko very agilely snatched it from between two middle schoolers.

It made the day a little more ridiculous, you could say.

Ok, so I think Uruha may be the worst candidate for joining the mafia ever, but I significantly enjoy these pictures. This one in particular. Maybe it's the cane? The stole? The crazy quirk of those boots?

I feel like I'm in a Tarantino movie. 

And that was just a completely unexpected explosion of accessories. :/

Cutie Tohya from vistlip made it in this issue, too, I was surprised to see! After that incredibly disillusioning meet and greet in Shinjuku in 2009, vistlip lost a lot of it's lustre for me, but I will always remember Tohya as being a completely overwhelming ball of cute who tried to speak Swedish to me.

He double-hand waved at me until I had completely left the room, that doll. 

After all that, of course we had wine and pizza. Because all we do is eat. :D

It was surprisingly relaxing, despite our constant wanderings. A much needed Shinsaibashi date! 

And lately I have spent far too much money, mainly on GazettE tickets for the upcoming tour (I'm going to four shows) and it's worrying me. I need not to worry. Things will work out, right? They usually do.

Time for more Friends and then bed.

Good night!

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