Thursday, October 18, 2012



Blaaaah. So ends my week of Gazette. This week (or eight days technically) I managed to attend 4/6 shows so far of GROAN OF DIPLOSOMIA. I don't know what I'm trying to prove here. Maybe that I'm not capable of reasonable financial decision making. :D

This week's line up:

10/8→ the GazettE @ Yokosuka Geijutsugekijou
10/9→ The Predators @ Namba Hatch
10/10→ the GazettE @ OLIX Gekijou
10/14→ the GazettE @ Biwako Hall
10/16→ the GazettE @ Kobe Bunka Hall

Yeah, the Predators sneaked in there for a sec (and were wonderful). But yea, Biwako was a sorta spontaneous decision with a friend and Kobe I ended up dragging another friend with me kicking and screaming. So it really was a kind of exciting week. 

Lots of coffee was had and headbanging was done, and let's just say I might turn out to be a lot stupider from here on out on account of I have no idea how many brain cells I've killed in this one week alone.

Surprisingly my neck, back, everything's in top shape except for my right shoulder which has been killing me all week, tensing up and stuff. guuuuuuuuh

I need to really control my spending this month, but the tour final live lottery starts on the 25th and LM.C lottery has already started for Zepp. Fml.

And I can't decide whether to buy the 2013 calendar. I bought it when I lived in Tokyo and liked it ok enough I guess, but it was kind of just faces... granted they looked nice on my wall later... I need to sleep and wake up with a less expensive problem. :/

I leave you with this.

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