Sunday, April 28, 2013

From Tokyo, With Love

Hello, there. So, it's been a long time since my last update, and even looking at the date I can't believe we're nearing the end of April already. I feel like we just started 2013 a few weeks ago. Is this what it's like to get old? Haha

Of course a lot of stuff has happened, lives were went, jobs were quit and started, but maybe the biggest thing for me is my move to Tokyo!

At the end of March, with the help of a bunch of lovelies back in Osaka, I packed up and left my cozy Umeda apartment for good, spent a week surfing the couch at Katie's, and finally hopped the shink to my new apartment in Tokyo.

Some pictures of my new place;

the road there, covered in cherry blossoms


kitchen had nothing

post cards and art from a friend, some MUCC stickers

miss wave keepin' my plant company.

I got really lucky with this place, my landlord is a really sweet older couple who very kindly gave me some appliances their daughter used to use, but maybe the stress of moving and my new job wore me out a bit, so my condition hasn't been so great since moving. During training week for my new job I was having some kind of inner-ear problem that made me dizzy very often, and then just recently I've caught a cold. Usually my health is really good, too. :/

I made some shelves from the moving boxes, though, since I can't afford furniture!

Anyway, it's always my goal to update more, so I think my next post will be a sort of quick "catch up" if you will, of some highlights since I stopped updating so frequently.

Just gotta keep away from these donuts for a few more months 'til I get paid. ;;__;;



  1. Glad to see you got such a nice apartment!!!
    Don't call these stickers "some MUCC stickers". They are the most beautiful ones your blog readers may have ever seen (my friend bought them too).
    I'll probably be in Tokyo Jan '14~May'14. So if you'll still be there: let's meet!

  2. Sorry about a way late response to this! But thank you! And yes! When you come, let's meet up! :)

  3. Way late responding, but thanks! I'm working on it, still no furniture but maybe June is my lucky month, haha. <3

  4. Sorry for responding so late, but I'm an ALT in elementary schools now. It's super rough. I kinda miss eikaiwa, I can't lie. D: