Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back in the US + Shopping Day!

Hello! Long time, no update. I guess I might have been a little ambitious to think of making a blog while I was in the end of my stay in Japan, but whatever the reason (busy-ness, laziness...) this kind of became one of my lesser priorities. But now I am back in the States and rather unpressured, and my time and ambition seems to have resurfaced.

I got back on the longest journey ever from Narita to Seattle to Denver to Atlanta on Wednesday (28th), in a rather cute outfit with over 60kg of luggage and have been resuscitating since. Until today, which was.... shopping day! :D

Just a mall about an hour from my home, nothing big, but better than nothing.

Sorry it's so far. I don't have a floor-length mirror. :(


☆ Shirt: Lucky Brand
☆ Skirt: Rue21
☆ Tights: Doll Kiss
☆ Shoes: Daichuu (can see here)
☆ Bag: A street vendor in NYC :D

Being a loser.

Shopping was very successful for me, and ok for the mum. We went primarily so that she could find a shirt to fit under this strange salmon colored shirt she has. Going through the actual women's department in MACY's and Belk's was enough to make me want to cry. Why do people think old people need to look so boring?

However, we started with Forever21, then moved on to Sephora, lunch at Ruby Tuesdays (I had forgotten the wonder that is American restaurant chains), and then Macy's, LUSH, Belk's and Charlotte Russe.

Some purchases...

From Sephora, another tube of NARS concealer in Vanilla, and the GIVENCHY
"ange ou demon" perfume I've been wanting for months. ☆

At LUSH, I got my hands exfoliated and moisturized with a really nice soap called "Buffy", that I need to remember for next time, and played around with some of the other things they had. I ended up getting a really nice almond cream face wash, and the shop girl gave me some nice samples of the toner and make up remover.

My Forever21 purchases, few but good. I love this shirt/dress. It's really very doll-like without being too elegant or delicate looking. The shorts were also a must. I've been wanting black shorts since May. And these had such a cute fasten! D:

From Charlotte Russe: The grey tank top, this really nice vest (the design on it is <3), and this floral skirt I could almost marry.

A rather good trip. I had some fitting pictures from my phone, but I am technologically retarded and/or it hates me and won't upload them to my google account. まあ、いいっか。

Anyways, yes. That's all for now, since I am still very tired and jetlagged. But, here's to making it through the rest of this hot week. And fearing the worst for the future... Global warming and all...

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