Friday, November 18, 2011

Job Prep Shopping: Cosmetics (2/2)

hey, again.

A little late posting this. I'm working peak hours this week, and it's tiring me out, but I'm back with pictures of the make up I purchased on my tiny shopping trip! Lots of great stuff. 

My purchases!

@ Sephora
Dior BLACK OUT mascara in 099 Kohl Black: This would probably be a lot more impressive if I had purchased the mascara primer with it, but as it is, I'm kind of disappointed. My lashes appear nice and long, but they don't have the awesome volume that Lancome Hypnose gives.

tarte emphasEYES Amazonian clay waterproof liner in Black: This stuff is excellent! Definitely changed my entire perspective on eyeliner. I have been using Lancome's Artliner for so long that I didn't realize how rough I look at the end of the day until I used this in the morning before work and came home that evening looking totally fresh! This is definitely my new love.

NARS concealer in Light2 Vanilla: This is my choice concealer. It's nice and thick, but doesn't leave my skin feeling smothered. They now have an even lighter color than the one I use, haha.

Imperialis facial moisturizer - This is probably the best facial moisturizer I've ever used. For a few hours after applying, I don't like to touch my face because it feels oily and gross, but the effects are visible. Unfortunately, it's a bit pricey for the size of the tub. I made a noise of surprise when the cashier gave me the total and had to play it off all uncool-ly. hahahahaha

Pow Wow pop rocks lip scrub - I love this lip scrub stuff, and this one is awesome because it's made with pop rocks candy! Both tasty and great for exfoliating your lips. I have a horrible time with dry/chapped lips/skin, so this makes me feel like I can at least apply my lipstick evenly now. I think it's a little more difficult to use than the other lip scrubs because of the bulky texture of the pop rocks, though.

With all of this I got the 500 point Beauty Insider bonus tarte sample pack with lots of trial-size goodies, I've yet to test out.

 Ah, I love make-up. 

Also! There's an awesome giveaway going on at Moments Like Diamonds (a blog I never fail to enjoy)!

Such a cute top and other cute accessories! Everyone should enter! 

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