Wednesday, December 7, 2011


hello again!

So, I'm in Japan now. I arrived in Osaka on Nov 26th and have been busily living for the first time in a long while since then, or at least that's what it feels like. I have many things to post, but I"ll get to them later when I'm less tired, I'm sure.

Today I spent all day running about acquiring documents and finding a phone-- settled on getting the new iPhone4S! --so I'm beat.

Though, probably the highlight of my move to Osaka, thus far, has been meeting up with Jiroko again after over a year! And Katie, though we met not too long ago before she left the US.

Now just to meet my Tokyo friends in March, maybe?

We have been talking about how Type A Jiroko is, and here is her planner, all out and ready to prove it! 

And some sexy (lol) purikura from our scandalous day in Umeda.

girly nude? And that leopard print combo was not planned at all, haha!

Good night, guys. 

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