Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Living In IKEA

So today is le magical DAY OFF for me, and I'm using it as a Cave Troll Day, as Katie calls it. By this I mean, I'm sitting on my floor all day and enjoying myself until I go to meet a friend for dinner later. 

From when I moved to Osaka last November well into this year (maybe a month or two ago?) I had this weird feeling of wanting to be around people all the time. I actually hated going home at night. I think I had only really spent two or three days by myself in total by the time I moved to Umeda. But that mysteriously disappeared some time ago, and though I think it may be part of me calming down, part of me thinks it's just because I'm emo. :D

Anyway, I've been meaning to post this for about 700 years, so today I want to post IKEA pictures! For a while about two months ago (oh wow I suck) everyone on blogspot was flocking to IKEA for some reason, and I really, really wanted to go. So Jiroko and I went! ...and sorta just moved in.

We caught the bus from Namba and had a jaunty ride. When we arrived of course, we started with food, which is always the way.

Delicious Swedish meatballs that look not one bit appetizing on the plate. And so much bread. XD

Then there was some obligatory napping.

Jiroko looked a little tired still, so I made us some coffee.

She was grateful.

Then I got a call on ye ol' house phone that there might be a party.

So Jiroko put on some rice for everybody.

And I got out the booze... angrily?

But they no one ever came and we ended up watching TV instead.

Yay! And that is what it is like to live at IKEA. For normal people.

Now, if you're a Southern Belle, it can go a little differently...

The Southern Belle wakes up everyday like a Disney Princess, make-up fresh 
and hair perfect. And yes. In the South, a proper girl's room is always covered in roses. 

Every Southern Belle also has a proper vanity for powdering her nose. The South is a
very sultry place, after all.

"Oh my! A gentleman caller!"

And that was our magical day at IKEA. There's more, but I had to end it somewhere. Some omake..

Who-whose bed are you in?! 

Just can't get any privacy around here.

Nap time.

And that's all. :D

Oh yeah, and I really, really wanna watch the fuck out of this movie. :D

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