Monday, July 2, 2012

A Sense of Beauty

It's getting so hot in Osaka these days! 

Today I went to do filming for some lesson videos for my company. I really enjoy being over-dramatic about things (something I'm sure probably annoys people around me), and I have a pretty good short-term memory for memorizings such short scripts, so it's kind of fun, but at the same time super tiring. 

And I wore heels all day, which I haven't done in forever, because I think my Primark flats have seen their final days. After that rainy walk home the other day, I feel like to wear them anymore would be ダサい.

Needless to say, I'm enjoying a quiet evening at home now.

From the 8月号 SHOXX I picked up yesterday. I essentially bought it for these few pages and the An Cafe ridiculosity that follows a few pages after. Sometimes I positively want to pet Miku like a cat BUT ANYWAY.

He looks super weird in these photos. Very good of course, but these is indeed a weirdness to it. Probably something to do with the fish-eye lense or photoshop or whatnot. They're glamorous for sure though. That guy is so glamorous.

Just read a small portion so far, but I am so far relieved to see the reasoning for releasing a new album soon isn't for some scary suspension in activities or something. I mean, I didn't think so realistically what with HETERODOXY, and then GROAN OF DIPLOSOMIA I and II coming up immediately after the release, but I feel like there was some dark shadow in my mind there wondering about it, what with the trend of other bands lately. AHEM. And then of course, you had to wonder what in Jiminy Cricket's name that title was about on top of that.

In the end, I am relieved to hear you are all a bunch of ridiculous busy bodies, even if that's probably not good for you at all. It's good for me, and I need more of you. <3

Please don't judge me. I know I'm like fourteen and I don't fuckin' care, kay? :D

Just some things I picked up in Shinsaibashi on my way back from work today. I had to disembark in Namba anyway, and my journey for shoes lead me where all of my non-Umeda journies lead me.

  1. PhantasmagoriaCRYSTAL FINALE」2007.8.27 @ SHIBUYA-AX
  2. LUNA SEA STYLE(Listening to this right now, haha)

The fact that I only paid 1270¥ all together made me very happy. I almost picked up the long promotion clip compilation DVD, too, but resisted. I'm not supposed to be spending money at all, esp. with going to Tokyo in two weeks and HETERODOXY this month and 2NE1 tickets and insurance back pay. I've told myself I'm not going to buy out all the goods this time, but I don't think I'm fooling anyone. Why the fuck did I buy this Be@r Brick?

But the real win here was my shoe find!

WIN. I WIN THE SHOE GAME. They're tall, but not too tall, and wedges, which means I can actually walk in them without health insurance, which I need to get anyway, and were super freaking discounted and the last pair. And not in the way that they tell you they're the last pair to make you buy them, but in the way the shop girl apologized like four times for having to give them to me off the floor. wtf do I care?

Anyway, that's all for now, I'm back to my magazine and catching up on the most recent episode of TRUE BLOODAnd I think it's too late to eat dinner now, isn't it? 

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