Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Just Some Apps

So for seemingly no apparent reason, I thought today I would post about apps. I guess I should clarify: particularly game apps. I've never really utilized my full app potential, even with my previous android phone (I never really fully understood what it did), until recently. And maybe it's them, or maybe it's other stuff, but lately I just want nothing more than to plug in my head headphones and play apps, or sleep. Everyday.

Guh, I guess those times come for everyone, though. Anyway, here are some apps I'm currently taken with. If you can think of any great ones you would recommend I try, please let me know! :S

LINE POP ★★★★★

This game is completely amazing and addicting as hell. The whole point is really just to tap on the little faces and move them into rows of three so they disappear and new ones drop down, and of course there's a time crunch. It's a simple concept, but I've had to set my phone down and back away slowly after finding myself wailing like a crazy person at the screen more than once since I've started playing.

Hearts refill quick too, so you can play often. And unlike other free apps, they aren't so stingy with giving you jewels (game bonus money), so you don't feel like you're being psychologically coerced by a boardroom of money-grubbing shitheads as you play. :D

お洗濯 (Laundry) ★★★☆☆

This game I like a lot because it's cute. Very simple, you just do what mum does and gather the laundry in your basket as it flies by, and it gets faster. I don't know why, but there are also cats and old men hanging up there as well.

It's cute and simple, so I recommend it if you're just looking to pass some time. However, once you play a few times, unless you're really determined to get all the damn laundry in the basket or die trying like I am, it's a little non progressive.

理想な彼氏メーカー (Boyfriend) ★★☆☆☆

This game looked too amusing to pass up, so I had to give it a go. Hm, it was kind of fun the first few times I played, maybe just for the novelty of it, but after a few times it gets a bit old. There's nothing to do but buy new clothes, talk, make cookies, and give him kisses and shoves. All that might be ok if he leveled up a little faster, but the level up meter is hella slow and I've kind of lost interest.

The fun thing about this app though is the conversation feature, or talking with "Boyfriend", as he calls himself. (I think Kate even called this "snarky boyfriend app".) Anything you write, his replies are super hilarious. Example;

It always makes me lol, but at the same time, the energy bar for the chat runs out super quick, too, so you can kind of finish playing with this game in about five minutes. It's amusing, though, if you give it a try.

ねこバランス (Neko Balance) ★★★★☆

I love this game. It's made by the same people as the laundry game, and it's simple and sweet as well. There are about 9 levels, and the whole point is just to balance the cats so they don't tumble off the scale. It's adorable and their faces look so cute when they fall. 

Very simple and cute game, you can complete it in 10 minutes, but it's still fun when you go back and do it all over again.

Yeah, so there are some apps. I also play a bit of Angry Birds and Pac Man, but everyone knows Angry Birds and Pac Man gives me almost unreal anxiety, so I didn't put those up here. But as I said earlier, if you see any interesting games you recommend me, do tell!


  1. It seems like whole Japan is playing that Boyfriend Game...I can tell from twitter << it's insane
    I'd love to play it too...just because I'm curious and it seemshilarious...but I can't find it in my app store ;;

  2. lol weirdo... y u no play NINJA LOVE ?!?!