Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Good morning

Yet again it's been long time no write. I keep coming across things to say and pictures to post, but they just add up so quickly that unless I post them quickly I feel overwhelmed. I'm also an incredible slow poke and sometimes making one of these entries takes me like an hour, haha.

But all that aside-- I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Actually I just celebrated Christmas on Wednesday with my mum on account of my coming home late for the holidays. This two weeks in America is really kind of turning out to be how I thought it would, too, if we're being honest here. I have eaten a ton of delicious, fattening food, drawn a crack ton of sketches, and watched a metric fuck ton of Downton Abbey. Classy, right?

Most of this in pajama pants and a T-shirt, save for a getting gussied up a few times to step out.

Can't see too well, but I love this red and off white striped cami-sheath (one way). It's super circusy with the mustache necklace (unknown, gift from a friend). New blazer was super discounted, too (Express).

Cute retro pumps I bought in a boutique in downtown Rome ages ago (Danita K, an unknown).

It's been nice chilling out and waking up at 6 am everyday, seeing old friends and family, but boredom is creeping in and I think I'm ready to return to the real world soon.

Today I watched the entire inaugural day of President Obama up until the parade when I really just needed to get up and do something for a while. The speech was really great, and I love that he wasn't afraid to mention some real issues he's ready to delve into in these months ahead instead of all of the usual metaphorical nonsense wrapped up in diverting patriotism. I'm relieved global warming might finally be ready to receive some coverage as a serious issue and not some kind of superstitious subplot. 

So yes. Here's to 2013. 

Maybe this year I'll finally become Barbie, like I always wanted to.

I'm workin' on it.

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