Sunday, December 8, 2013

MacBook Love

Hello! Sorry to be so absent lately. Ever since my old computer become impossible to read/write on I thought I would use my phone to update and instead of just leaving this blog alone, but yappa the blogger app for iPhone just sucks. I tried posting once or twice from it and it just wouldn't seem to update properly.

I still think keeping a blog, keeping a sort of record of things I've done, what I'm thinking is important, though, so I still want to keep updating. I like twitter style, just saying what I think when I think it, but in the end, it doesn't amount to much does it. Oh well, my new xmas/bday present to myself should make my whole world much better.

I wrote it on twitter and instagram already, but I got a...

A MacBook! Technically, a 13" MacBook Pro with retina screen. ♡

It's small and adorable and sleek and beautiful and just basically everything and more than I could ever need. Since I started looking at new computers there were several I was interested in, but all the positive feedback about Macs just finally burrowed its way into my core after all. I am almost a complete virgin to Mac, too, so I was worried about learning to use it, but I have been super surprised to find it's incredibly user friendly. I love and am abusing the little finger swipe mechanism right now too, to go back and forth and move around etc. I'm shocked how much it works like my iPhone.

The one thing that has startled me though, is that I just made this purchase Monday, not a week ago yet and already the system has just frozen on me completely twice. wtf is dat

But I will go back to the store and figure out what the shit is going on this week. :D

Anyway, I'm poor again, yay! Cheers!


  1. Still super おめでとう on your baby :3
    Weird that it froze like that though! I've had mine for almost a year and it's only frozen on me once so I'd def take it in like you said. Hope it works out :D

  2. oh maaah glob you've come to the dark side, i welcome you with bells on!

    i've had mine for over a year now and it hasn't frozen on me but once or twice (with/during windows programs for whatever it's worth) so definitely take it in! usually apple is pretty legit with fixes ~

  3. late resp is late, sry! D:

    really??! mine has done it numerous times! in fact it did it only a little while ago. i should take it in. other than that i love it, tho. <3

  4. lol, late response. sry! thanks! :D

    yea i think it needs a good looking at. it keeps happening. it's just not infuriating because it hasn't been in the middle of anything important yet, and it starts up again super quick, but i know that can't last...

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