Sunday, October 27, 2013

Computer Problems

Hey, long time no update! How are you guys? (That picture was for one of my schools so they can tell each class who's having lunch with me, lol) 

I've been wanting to update recently, but my computer is on the... Eh... What's that expression? I dunno, but it looks like this pretty much constantly: 

Yah. I even got a cheap tv on Craigslist to hook up as a monitor, but pretty much every site I look at tells me it's not going to work very well so I'm hesitant to buy the appropriate connectors. Damn you, windows vista.

Anyway, it's Sunday afternoon of Halloween weekend and I'm getting over the most exciting cold ever. I've literally done nothing but sleep, sneeze, and attempt to watch Metalocalypse all weekend, which I guess was necessary after going to work with a fever two days in a row, but sucks when I see people's awesome instagram photos from Halloween parties. Guh.

Anyway, now that the blogger app for iPhone seems to be a little easier to work with, I will update more. Hope you guys are having a good Halloween weekend!


If you recognize that photo👆, you know that my mind is in a sad, fan girly place right now.


  1. Thats what happened to my laptop also! It eventually turned black so I hooked it up to a monitor and then it wouldn't even show up on the monitor after a while...sad day :[ lol

  2. Uh this is why I (most of the time) hate technology. Although I have to say I haven't had a problem since I switched to my macbook…. except maybe with my bank account whomp whoooooomp ~~

    I like how you are riding lumpy space princess in sheep form on your poster. Does Adventure Time exist in Japan?