Thursday, April 10, 2014

Catching Up and... alcohol

Hi, there! Long time no blog. I keep meaning to come back and blog here, but it feels like blogger is just so isolated from my other social media outlets (not that I'm super active on those), so in a way it feels pointless. But if I'm writing for myself then what does it matter, eh? Yea, let's go with that.

The New Years Resolutions of last post, hm. Well, I definitely haven't kept up with the writing, and I haven't been incredibly explorative (word?). As for thinking positively; I'm not sure if it was the rush of the school year ending, all the alcohol, or just the cycle of unhappiness lifting, but I think I've been doing better on this one. :3

What have I been up to lately? Not so much...

Going drinking with friends, mostly. We had an epic string of Friday nights, that have become more randomised since spring break started.

Random wandering and drinking in Shinjuku. This^ is a magical taiyaki we bought in front of Studio Alta. It's anko paste inside of croissant bread instead of the usual taiyaki cake-like bread. Super delicious and only 200 yen if you're over there. (Watch out, though, the line gets massive.)

My friend trying to get a better picture of the sign. Haha

To add to the heaps of (unhealthy) drinking, got a magical bottle of Moet & Chandon as a gift from my friend. Drank this a few weeks later and had an epically hungover day at work. :/

Happiness is not a warm gun. (We were in the HUB, btw; random white girl in the bg.)

Another random thing I'm enjoying too much these days is graffiti and sticker art around Shibuya. Live house staircases and bar walls.

If my life could just look like this. ^

This one from a staircase of a rock bar where we ended up going to randomly watch an air guitar competition. There was an MC and he would introduce the acts, who would each get up on the tiny stage and pretend to rock out to a song. The most epic was this older guy in a suit and a fedora. To look at him you would have thought he was a normal salaryman with a penchant for headgear, but when his song started he went wild. It was simultaneously one of the most impressive and hilarious things I've seen in my life (there's a list I've got going of those, I kid you not).

These pictures are from a while ago, though. I've had my hair cut since then...

This one with my hair up. It was really quite long.

New length around my chin, and maybe a little fuller and longer than I would like in the back.

One of my friends convinced me to try his salon in Omotesando, where all of the salons charge you out the bleep, because I guess he wanted to be helpful, so I tried it out. However, I don't know about you, but in my experience, I can tell if I'm going to like my haircut pretty much as soon as I meet the stylist. This may be some psychological result of my interaction with a person I don't quite find reliable or some nonsense, however this has generally been true my entire life. One of the best haircuts I ever had was given to my by one of my college roommates, and she was not in the least a trained professional. Anyway, I haven't quite enjoyed the cut itself, but it's been so nice to have it short, that I've been able to over look it. :)

I'm also a bit homesick lately. Not quite sure what that's about. It might because I caught the flu over my break and have been forced to spend a lot more time than I would have liked laying in bed and watching youtube videos. I never really thought about it when I lived in the US, because it was normal there, and even years of living here in Japan it was never an issue to me, but life in the US is really kind of ballin'. Driving around in cars, eating Doritos, cocktails that taste worth enjoying, wearing huge sunglasses without people thinking you're the biggest douche bag on the planet and/or a tourist... It's weird to me that this is my idea of ballin'.

But yea. This has been cathartic. 

I'm addicted to Mamrie Hart's youtube segment "You Deserve A Drink". ♡

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