Monday, May 26, 2014

Mango Clouds and Pancake Lines

Sup ya'll?

The school year is just a little over a month again and it's just starting to kick in that I'm actually somehow doing this ALT thing again for another year. And when the weight of reality hits me like this (as it did at the beginning of every term last year) I start getting the dark thoughts and weirdo retroversion to 15 year old angst. So maybe writing about the positive things in my life will help me?

Today I had a good day!

It was a rare "work day" for me, which oddly (in my company's lingo) means I have no work scheduled for the day haha. And even rarer, it was a work day for my friend, so we met up at the Laforet in Harajuku and hit up Urahara for a while.

There's always a bunch of cool looking guys leaning against the railing in front of Laforet. I watch them and think any second some cute girl is gonna come trouncing along and they'll run off to lovingly shove crepes into their orifices but it's only ever guys meeting guys. what ru doin japan.

We went to a well-concealed Taiwanese shaved ice place called MangoChaCha!

Memories of the ice cream shop I worked in for 3 days in high school come flooding back.

Points for prettiness, and it did have the weird sensation of eating a rain cloud. You know, all soft and fluffy yet dense with moisture?

I am terrifying.

Afterwards we went on a shopping tour of lots of cute tiny little shops selling pop clothing along the streets. This shop (Romantic Standard) was super cute. I might go back after payday and buy a t-shirt with a picture of Jesus and Mary in space on it.

Another bizarre thing you see in Harajuku all the time. ↗︎ Me taking photos of myself no, Random lines of people waiting for pancakes. I swear every time you come across a random line of people waiting on some back alley, there is a pancake shop nearby. Again what ru doin japan.

Went back to the Deal Design here for the first time in a million years. This place holds the best memory to me of when I was at Waseda and a friend and I went in here and I bought a chain and pendant ON A WHIM. We looked at it and priced it and told the guy I'd think about it and went away and spent the next hour in McDonalds talking about how he definitely knew I wasn't going to come back and buy it and that's why I had to prove him WRONG by going back and buying it. So I did. And then we all chatted about the GazettE for a while and it was awesome. Thinking about that still makes me grin. :)

I terrifyingly might go back and purchase a pendant here for 15000 when I get paid, too, depending on the outcome of PIERROT tickets. Despite needing to pay for the bills I haven't paid in a month. Despite needing to buy a damn table. Despite wanting to move so bad it hurts and needing to save for the fee. Despite basically everything. 

Ugh money. Another matter for another day. It's ticket investigation time.


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  1. I also love remembering random fun episodes of my life like that... though I've never been to Deal Design, I wouldn't even know where it is haha.
    Well I wonder too why there's a group of guys going out... or two of them. About the line in front of pancake shops, isn't it the same in other big cities?
    Well you better spend your money wisely! Though you can always move later, that's not going to run away from you right?☆