Sunday, October 11, 2015

Can't take the kid from the fight, Take the fight from the kid ♫

Haha at that last post, huh? I'm such trash. Anyway, how are you? It's been a while yet again, it would seem.

Rare weekend at home here. Usually on the weekends I'm pretty occupied (weekdays too), but recently there's been something of a stagnation and I'm finding myself logging more and more hours on the new Japanese Netflix.

Yoroshiku Hemlock Grove season 2.

My typical week used to be something like this:

But lately it's become something like this:

I know what you're thinking: Who is texting me? But that's irrelevant. 

The thing is I don't even like Netflix that much. Japan's new startup version, at least, doesn't have much to win a person over yet. Most of the series and films are outdated or not suited to my tastes. Actually most of the time I am watching Netflix, I'm feeling bored out of my mind and like I would rather do about anything else.

I know that being really sick recently and quitting one of my jobs had a lot to do with this change, but I'm starting to feel like caged animal. I miss people. I need people. Lately I have no people.

That's why I'm going crazy.

So internet, what do you do when your life is like this? Google it, right? 

Wet dish out.

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