Tuesday, October 19, 2010

久し振り (Long time, no see!)

There's really nothing I do better than hisashiburi posts. Or shall I say, there's nothing a I write as often as hisashiburi posts? It doesn't matter whether it's an lj entry, an email, or an assignment for my writing class really. I guess I'm just unreliable like that.

Last time I posted, though, I was still living at home. I moved into my new apartment (with a roommate I never talk to) on August 13th, and set up my Gazette-covered bedroom.

posters from the 2010 calendar

It's changed a bit since. More pillows down there. Some post cards and pictures beneath the posters. Another lamp...

Sometime in mid-September my friend Clare came back briefly to the US to secure her visa and whatnot, and there was some drinking.

some drinking

And shortly after, there was some Dir en grey.

Sorry, I know you wanted to see the gawths. :(

And shortly after, there was a new hair colour/but and more drinking.

We're friendly drunks, with our fake lashes and yuzunails. The fake tattoos didn't make it into this one.

Lately my social life, however, has become somewhat quiet, and I've been studying a lot in hopes of graduating as early as I can to return to Japan.

trying to remain positive

At any rate, that's all for now. Next time, I shall embark on something more magical, hopefully.

These glasses (Studio ALTA) are too big for my Irish nose.

This is my general appearance lately. I won't name any names...

this is top secret.

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