Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wow, I haven't updated since October. Jesus Christopher, I eally am bad at updating things. And spelling words like "really". I would like to say my life has been a whirlwind of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Or maybe even a torrent of shopping, partying, and candy.

But instead, watch this video someone made. It's a pretty accurate portrayal of the truth.

Important things are just that I turned 23 in February. (It comforts me strangely to know that my digits now correspond chronologically.) And to celebrate, I went home over Spring Break a week ago and ate an entire Oreo Pie. Which was amazing.

Gifts from my dad! I was super excited, since my laptop's harddrive had to be replaced in January and I lost all my programs.

I've never used Painter
before, but the deal to get it with PS was too good to pass up with the student discount. I've held pretty fast to my fidelity for openCanvas since 2004, but when my old laptop (which had the program) died as well, I lost that, too. And the price of Painter (which I've heard great things about) trumped purchasing oC again. /ramble

I also got this wonderful, wonderful package from my deary Clare in Osaka, which apparently was just so amazing that the post office had to get a look before me. (This is how I am justifying the gaping hole in the package when I received it.)

She bought several Fools Mates and got the Gazette omake, which she sent to me because she's perfect and amazing. Some new stickers (I have something of a collection), the Uruha Rock and Read I lost in the box I shipped back from Tokyo that never came and an adorable card covered in strawberries and lovely words. <3

This week has also been the first time in ages I've seen either
Katie or my glamorous 'neechan, wave! On Monday, after having a 5+ hour phone conversation with wave on Saturday, Katie came to town and we went to meet her old roommate at suno downtown, for some delicious bubble tea (I got Thai flavored, whatever that means). Afterwards, we drove out to see wave and hung out late enough to be properly exhausted by the time we got back. It made me miss our lovely Krispy Kreme dates in Shibuya!

They were also both dressed so cute, I quickly realized I've gotta' pull myself out of this T-shirt and Jeans Rut I've gotten myself into. You know how it is.

Making weird faces in the bathroom. Katie and I stopped at a mall to ogle earrings, princess tiaras, and be fawned upon by an very aggressive Indian woman.

For now, Jimmy Eats World and I will leave you at that. And hopefully, we'll speak again soon.


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