Friday, April 8, 2011

Some days

You know how some days you feel like...

Well, some days you just feel like...

But whatever. Lately I just like to unwind with a Corona and Grey's Anatomy and consider the finer things in life...


  1. haha the angry bear is just so cute!
    I've been feeling quite like it this past few days at work... not because they haven't invited me to their tea party tho XD

  2. Thank you, I don't know why his dress got so short suddenly though. XD

    Haha, yeah there weren't really any tea parties, here either, just a little loneliness I guess. And some random rage. I guess there are just times, eh.

  3. I 爆笑ed so hard!
    ARe you really just doodling all these? XDD

  4. Yes. This is my life now. XD;