Saturday, April 23, 2011

Starbucks and The Nail Lady

Hi, there. I'm heading into it. It being the hell of the last week of class + extra week of finals. Luckily, I've already taken the only really concerning final, and from here on it's just... essays and remembering a bunch of Greek names. Woo hoo!

Exciting, exciting. Die.

I think it was the week before I last posted, but I got to hang out with my lovely former roommates, miss waaaaave, and Kelly, when they came into town. We had a lovely day of food, walking around downtown, and Starbucks-- where they had this amazing rice crispy treat of awesome.

It wasn't too sweet, but was nice and sticky in that kind of way that falls apart in your hands. I love, love, love rice crispies like this-- only I can't stand the smell of the store-kind.

It was surprising, though, because I realized I haven't really been into a Starbucks since I got back from Tokyo last summer. I was overwhelmed at how cheap my tall caramel macchiato + rice crispy was. $5ish compared to the near 1000¥ I would fork out for both a pastry and drink over there.

The point of it is really that I just really missed when the three of us lived in the apartment together, eating pokey sticks from Gumby's and singing Leona Lewis in our most obnoxious voices. We had some damn good times. (9_9)

I went home once to pick up my broken computer and attempted a raid of TJ Maxx, but the only decent items I picked up were a cute shirt for layering and a new fedora.

The shirt is very loose and more of a dark grey in person, and will look cute over a loose tank dress, I thought. Something white with a dark grey print, kind of the shape of this Uniqlo dress I own (in my poupee closet here). Or even just over a tank top with skinny jeans (and ankle boots and huge hoop earrings, y/y). The fedora was completely impulsive.

I love hats.

It actually pisses me off that Americans don't wear enough hats, but I won't go into that.

Actually, right now I'm really coveting a cancan hat a lot like the black one here, from Yumetenbo. Or a beige hat with the black ribbon.

But with my lack of income and saving what little I have for my trip to London-Paris-Amsterdam in May, I've taken to watching youtube tutorials for cute things to do with my hair instead. And a great, great how to girl I've found is bubzbeauty (whose actual site I've just found is here). She's got a lot of really great, super simple and easy to follow how to's on hair, make-up, and nails (including a nail tutorial on strawberry nail art, th
at I completely intend to try).

My favorite, however is the poof-at-the-front pony tail style found here (like my technical terminology? :D)

It's difficult for me since my bangs are short and my longer hair is still considerably shorter than hers in the video, but the result was nice when I tried it out the other day. Not a good picture, but:

Still tarted up from class.

The other weekend at my mum's house, I also gad my nails done for the first time in my life. Yeah. I'm a professional-manicure virgin like woah. And the lady who did them was this wildly disoriented Asian woman who looked completely white and wore a whole weeks worth of eyeliner while yelling past me at her husband. Our conversation went kind of like this.

Me: Hi.

(long silence, yelling, triming nails, soaking nails)

Her: What color?

Me: Um, blue. And a leopard print design, if that's ok?

Her: Blue? No art?

Me: Um... Yes, leopard print?

Her: What?

Me: Um, animal print? Like in Africa. It's on clothes a lot.

Her: Zebra?

Me: Leopard. Like jungle cat.

Her: Cheatah?

Me: Sure. That works.

(nail painting, yelling, acetone burning out my brain cells, finish)

Me: Thank you, it's very nice!

Her: This cheatah. Not zebra. Not zebra print.

Me: ...Yes.

Her: Next time you say cheatah, not zebra.

Yeah. I'll never make THAT mistake agai--oh. Wait. The result was nice, though.

It held up for a sweet 6 days before crumbling from my fingers. An outstanding world record as far as my nails are concerned. I want to call them pussy nails, because they're so weak they bend with the wind and tear rather than break. But the idea of "pussy nails" conjures up something bizarre and terrifying and completely irrelevant to cats.

Anyway, I also had this awesome cookie made by some people celebrating their Celtic heritage:

Whatever. As long as I get cookies.

Anyway. As you were.

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