Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Don't Eat The Sugar-Free Eggs


Today I'm nice and buzz'd on the joys of...


And by that I mean, the jellybeans. Those sugar-free marshmellow eggs taste like death.

Since it's my last week of class (ever), I thought I would challenge myself to come up with cute coordinates every day, but as I mentioned in the first post of this blog, I am trying to develop a style here, so me trying to dress cute is purely trial and error. I ultimately want to have gyaru style, but at the same time with no income and almost no gyaru brand clothing, it's kind of hard to practice a style like gyaru and pull it off well. In addition, probably the best pieces of my wardrobe is made of items from brands like Sex Pot and Super Lovers, which aren't exactly gyaru. XD

The point is, though, I kind of just like most any style that's well put together and cute. Unless it's the super pastel decora stuff-- what is that.

Anyway, Monday...

I've totally shown practically this same outfit before, only way cuter with my blond hair. But this is a common occurrence these days: Jean skirt (Rue21), stirrup tights (Doll Kiss), and half-sleeve cardigan (Maurice). Shirts and shoes interchangeable. The retarded editing is because my room looked horrible, not because I love myself. Which I do, but that's beside point.

And Tuesday...

Dress : Super Lovers
Scarf: momoko300
Shoes: random shop in Shinjuku
Bag: random street corner in NYC
Tights: Doll Kiss

And then Wednesday was a disaster. XD

Those shoes, I love them. I bought them randomly one day in Shinjuku with wave and Jessi when it started raining and soaked my flats.

I'll try harder tomorrow.

And now for a rant:

This make-up remover (Lancome) is nice. Works nicely. Very gentle on your skin. But what the hell is this dispenser hole all about? Spill, spill, spill, I tell you! /rant

And lastly, 3 days late but...

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