Sunday, May 8, 2011

Oh. Hey again.


I just made a post about not posting. So the next day of course, I make a post! Yet another epic display of my powerful skill of follow-through.

Today Kelly came to town and we partied like it was 1999. Or maybe 1989. I don't know. We had philly cheese steak subs at Larry's (where I've been dying to go for weeks now) and sewed like a couple of old biddies while watching the best movie ever.

(Shitty quality photos are from my phone.) I love this movie beyond all explanation. It's just fascinating to me. My desktop bg has actually been a really awesome image of Treasure Town ever since I got this computer almost two years ago.

While downtown, however, we popped into one local shop where this little treasure was hanging unassumingly amongst a bunch of necklaces beneath a table...

I have been looking for a long-chain bird cage necklace for aaaaages now, and suddenly there it was. Perfect and only about $12! There's a tiny bird in there, too, though it's hard to see. The last time I saw one that fit my  "criteria" was in Wonder Rocket in Harajuku over a year ago, and even then it was over 3000yen. I am in love with this necklace. 

And I still have yet to even start on my essay, but I somehow can't make myself worry over it. Tonights mission: Clean my filthy room and take down these damn candy canes from Christmas!

That's right, bitches. Your time is up! (`=´)/

And while we're on the topic-- who the hell ever thought these were a good idea?

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