Monday, May 2, 2011


How's it hangin'? I was going to take pictures of my coordinates for the rest of last week, but that plan fell apart when Katie came to town and we were goofing off with our poupees until I was almost late for class. Needless to say, I left looking like a ballerina caveman. And I wish I were kidding about that.

If you've never seen a ballerina caveman, here's some visual aid:

And before you say anything, I know what you're thinking: That is clearly a disheveled Chinese aristocrat in a tutu with a dead bear! And you would be right. 

However, I did manage to get a quick picture for Thursday...

Shirt: Sexy Dynamite London
Skirt: Bye Bye
Tights: Doll Kiss
Shoes: Cocue

And you can't tell, but I wore my Dolly Wink lashes to class that day, since I haven't before (because school people stare if you wear anything fancier than running shorts). I love them! They're so flexible and comfortable, and not heavy at all. I didn't even feel like I was wearing them.

The skirt is from a Bye Bye/One Way shop in Kawasaki's Lazona, that was on the sale rack for super cheap. It's my favorite skirt. I wish I could wear it more here without people asking "What are you all dressed up for?" It's super cute around the hem:


And while I'm thinking of HOT THINGS, like my ByeBye skirt, and ancient Chinese nobility: There's a Summer Gal Give-Away going on @ Utsukushii Gal. It's cute and I only found her blog recently, but I'm really enjoying it.

I've realized lately, I've only been following maybe the same four blogs closely for a while, and it's really time to branch out.

But yes, this week of finals, then I can finally get on with my life. Until next time, I leave you with this ambiguous picture:

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