Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Graduation, Living Situation, and Gone on Vacation (Image Heavy)

hey hey hey

First things first...

Somebody graduated! And I'll give you a hint: she looks just like me!

I really thought the experience would be more gratifying, but afterwards I just spent the evening alone buzzing on watermelon vodka, watching Cheers and packing up my room. I guess I'm kind of sad to leave Athens after all. It's been like my real American home more so than the actual town I'm from. I feel very comfortable there, and that's where I met all of my friends--and it's still the meeting point, it seems, even though everyone's moved out. :(

And my room. I took some last shots of it's glory (and cleaned it for the purpose) before disassembling it all Friday night. I thought I would post them here, since I really love when people post pictures of their living spaces.

Last out of a total 3 times I ever made that bed, probably.

I wear a lot of black.

See that bottle of Tequila there. And those damn almonds.

My workspace. That postcard of William and Harry was a lulzy gift from Kelly's trip to London.
I just felt that should be clarified.

I'm sad to see it go, since it was all to my liking. And now the house is... a wreck.


I did take time out of my frantic packing mess to draw and paint my mum a late card for Mother's Day.

If you note the shoulder kitty, you'll see that I clearly play too much Poupee Girl.

After moving, however, my attentions turned to packing for my trip to London, Paris and Amsterdam. I leave tomorrow morning at 11, and wait it out at the airport until our 5:30 flight to London. The flight's supposed to last 8 hours, even though I swear I remember it being less before, so I'm bringing a sudoku book (once I get started I can't unhinge myself), and my DS to start playing this much neglected beauty:

In the process of packing, I dug up some old money, too. Don't you just get excited about spending leftover currency? 8D

It's nothing in pounds, but it's like $5 here, haha.

My packing checklist.

I also took a bit of time to gussy up an old Estee Lauder make up bag with some dollar bin bling from the craft store.

Not big enough for my make-up, but perfect for my toiletries.

It's a bit simple, but it's enough for now. Unfortunately the Amazing Goop glue I was going use to requires extra time to dry, so all of my stones will undoubtedly fall off throughout the trip and need to be fixed.

My suitcase is not even near full, either, so I have plenty of room for any cheap things I may pick up along the way (strict budget abiding).

One thing I absolutely can't forget, too, is Suzuki-san. He's a staple in my traveling arsenal and a very important person in my life. Perhaps you've seen him before?

Yep. He's a real dream boat.

But I'll be going now. I need to carefully select a sketchbook and arrange my carry-on. But as I won't be bringing my lap-top, good bye 'til June!

Oh yeah. And look at these sexy balloons:

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