Tuesday, June 28, 2011

blogger award what

1) Say something about the person who gives you the award.
2) Write something about yourself and your aim with your blog.
3) Give the award to 9 bloggers you like! (don't forget to tell them!)

Got this from the wonderful miss wave! Thank you for being so sweet and reading my lulzy ramblings, though they stray into goofydom more often than naught. miss wave has been my friend since I somehow got my lulzy, gothy self stuck in university 4 years ago. When I saw her in my Japanese class, I never thought she'd be become one of my best friends. But we've had so many good times, I'm so glad she did! She's stylish, ambitious and bubbling with personality, and I only hope one day I can catch up with her blazing trail of awesome.

My aim with this blog was like a lot of the gal-bloggers on blogspot right now, I think. I started following gyaru fashion blogs during my study abroad and thought I'd give it a shot myself. Only, unlike the people I follow, I can't teach anything about gyaru fashion or trends, as I don't know enough, myself, spending all my money on lives and band goods, while wearing holes in my shoes and stockings. And there are so many styles I like, I'm not sure which one is for me. So the idea here was that I would develop a style for myself, using this blog, but I've never been good with staying on topic... /tldr

Nine bloggers I like! This is hard, because I never talk to most people I follow, haha (I'M FUCKING SHY OKAY... and a li'l drunk). Also, it seems most people I follow have already got this. But I'm gonna' list 'em anyway.

1) EЯI ♡ of ダイヤモンド★DЯEAM
Because her blog is glamorous and bright and full of cute things (from cats in the laundry to pretty nails)!

2) Jiroko of Going One's Own Sweet Way
Because she's funny and her life is awesome--or as her blog says, "at least I like to pretend it is". And hopefully she'll get a hint here and update more often.

3) Miss Caro-chan of F Yeah Lolita
Because she has a very witty, intelligent style of writing. Lots of humor, too. I'm not Lolita (with a dignified, capital L), of course, but I'm a fan of all kinds of styles, and if I were Lolita, she'd be my guru.

4) Natsu of ☆Egoist Life☆
Because she dresses cool like a rockstar, with great style, and she makes the most delicate, adorable cakes you've ever seen.

5) Jenny of sushi-cat.net
Because her blog is colorful, fun to read and updates frequently with cute photos and links to sites I get lost on for hours.

6) Rii of Utsukushii Gal
Because she always dresses cute and kind of rock, and posts lots of great photos.

7) Sara Mari of Moments Like Diamonds
Because of her gorgeous hair. And because she always dresses to the nines, writes interesting, picture-filled posts that keep me reading. And her One7Ways column, which is always so nice and well done.

8) Tori of Cherri Story
Because her pictures are great and she's a frequent updater, too. Lots of great posts here.

9) miss wave of hey there, dream chaser
I know you gave me this, but I don't care. YOU GET IT AGAIN. Hahaha

I will probably not tell most of those people ^ that I'm giving them this, because they already have it, but just for the sake of archiving... :D

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

I was gonna' post about Paris today, but I'll do it next time, for real.

I don't really have much to say now, but I do have some photos.

I got the July issue of Ray. Not a magazine I typically look at, but for some reason (maybe its the hot, Georgia summer) a lot of the outfits and clothes I'm seeing featured in it are really appealing to me.

Came with a cute fan by Apuweiser-riche.

Like this completely poupee girl set up? lol

So many cute clothes perfect for this ridiculous weather. 
I usually feel so out-of-place in color, though, haha.

Love. This. Hair.

And I generally am accepting of all kinds of styles. But something about men in these awkwardly-rolled pants... :/

But of course, anything is cute on Yusuke.

And what is the purpose of white-soled shoes?

I guess I'm just not this mature yet.

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