Tuesday, June 14, 2011

MEIN KULI HAT GESTORBEN (und andere Tragödien)

How's it hangin'?

So really I got back on Monday the 30th, but I'm a lazy sod, and it seems since I've returned it's somehow gotten even worse. I guess it's a good thing I got out of school when I did, haha.

My trip was really nice and an excellent outlet for... shopping! I picked up a lot of cute things from Primark in London, finally got to see Versailles, and watched a woman nearly get mauled by a tram in Amsterdam. It was really a great trip, even though we were so tired most of the time (jet lag + my very non-sole-supporting footwear).

Oh yeah, and our coach actually did maul a rollerblader in London. I really hope that guy's ok, because it really didn't sound like it. D:

I will make a three part post about the trip, starting with London next time, to give it a nice break up over the three cities. Lots of photos (I took 705 in total) and pigeons on chairs.

I really haven't been up to much since I've been back though, aside from looking for a job and bumming around. I did see the new Pirates of the Caribbean (rather good, I thought) and a practically monologue performance of The Screwtape Letters in Atlanta (very witty and amusing). As well as make a few plans with some old high school friends.

I painted a belated birthday card for my sister, who is crazy about Harry Potter-- and luckily Snape, which I didn't know when I made the card. ヾ(゜∀゜*)人(*゜∀゜)ノ 

I like to take pictures of the process, so...

Just inked it and prepared. The crease is at the wand.

It's kind of grey if I don't adjust the brightness/contrast, but it looks super sloppy when I do.
Granted, I did get a bit sloppy on the classroom, but I was pushed for time. D:

I really wanted it to have a kind of amateur 3D effect when stood.

Oh Snape. ヽ( ̄▽ ̄)/

Also, actually seeing Versailles for real and coming home to watch one of my favorite films ever (Marie Antoinette) prompted purchasing some light reading material.

I'm really quite fond of history, so it should prove interesting. Perhaps I can review it when I finish.

Yaaaah. So now I set upon the journey to clean my room. Starting with this corner:

Which, too look at it, it looks rather innocent. Just a corner of harmless papers and binders that have been gathering dust (some of them) since high school, but it's not innocent. It is anything BUT.

Especially when it comes plagued with...

Books filled with narrative satires on my uninteresting high school life with the aid of movie screen shots.

Notebooks from the Dark Ages of elementary school passed between me and my friends. This entry is
particularly hilarifying. "What is this, the Silence of the Lambs?"

My 11th grade German journal detailing the various trials of life, one being this sympathetic Tragödie
about a girl whose pen died, entitled Mein Kuli Hat Gestorben oder auf Englisch, My Pen Died.

And photos of me as a little girl.

Methinks I married too young.

It's horrible, I tell you. I look and I read and I lawl, and I get nothing done.

Wishing you a much more productive life than mine. 

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