Monday, June 20, 2011

Trip Post 1/3: LONDON

pre-take off

Trip post!  Since I took 705 pictures, not including ones I took of my shiny new purchases once I got back, I decided to split this into three parts according to the three cities we visited.

On May 18th we headed off to London for four days. It was our 3rd trip here, so instead of conquering the historical hot spots, we decided to spend our four days primarily... shopping. :D

The drive from Gatwick is always kind of cute.
(once you get through the boring highway and pass the hub of AMERICAN SUPERMARKETS D:)

The drive up to our hotel on the Westminster Bridge. And the Mercedes 
hood ornament on the car, haha

Our hotel was--and I don't use this term for just anything--bitchin'. There was no view from our room, and they lost our luggage, but other than that... .

We walked out, sleep-deprived and dragging to snap some photos from the bridge
and around the Houses of Parliament.

Across the Thames.

Street sign 

Took this B&W from the London Eye.

What 23 year old child out there can really get enough candy?

 A random coordinate (2nd day):

Hotel room was so dark, it's hard to see this. ):

☆ Grey Knit Cardigan - Forever21 ☆
☆  Black Lace Dress - Forever21  ☆
☆   Gold-button Jeggings - Uniqlo   ☆
☆   Black Flats - American Eagle   ☆

Oh Rupert. 

Shopping on Oxford St, which I thought to be strangely like Shinjuku sanchome
...only covered in white people.

My Oxford St. gets! Surprised I only bought 4 items from Boots, from the amount of time I spent in there.

☆ Brown Oxford Flats
☆ Black Pointed Toe Flats
☆ Usamimi Hair Ties (leopard and roses)
☆ Graphic T's (a girl and some Tee-pees)
☆ Eco Tote

☆ Face Masks (Wild Strawberry and Roses&Witch Hazel)
☆ MINT CANDY bath and shower gel

I went into a lot of other places, but I only had about £50. XP

Loved our cool bathroom. They gave us Dead Sea bath salts, too, which I used nightly!

An obligatory Changing of the Guard photo.

We spent the day in Camden Town, too on day 3 or 4. Haggled with some very aggressive imitation brand sellers and pulled off an imitation Chanel bag (the most modest looking one) for cheap!

In Camden

Manly face

Bangers and mash! It was delicious.

There are a lot more (which I will put on Facebook), but this is getting out of hand, so day 4 has been trimmed down to one photo.

ILU, Russel Brand.

It was a lot of fun and definitely the city in which we had the best weather. Too bad I didn't have better footwear. Everywhere we went it seemed there was marble flooring, so I was giving out from foot pain + jet lag all the time it seemed. XD;

Next time, on to Paris! ミ☆

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