Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Doing the Time Warp

This morning I woke up and cleaned my apartment! Or so I thought, until I was looking away from admiring my wonderful work, and I noticed that I had subconsciously just moved everything from the floor onto the couch again. I need to take a class on this or something.

Anyway, this past week I was looking through some old pictures and I came across some hilarious, fun, and embarrassing memories of the world that was my freshman year of university (2007~2008). I thought it would be fun to share.

Yeah, I was 19 and making obscene gestures in the mirror is just what you do at that age... I think. Maybe it was just anything to make that Van Gogh shower curtain look more badass.

At some magical point this ^ happened too, ahaha! In the hallway of my dorm, no less.

I made a birthday card for Kanon of An Cafe that year. The joke is from some joke about 300 years ago that Teruki used to make on his blog about Kanon being the Suica penguin. This card was ca. 流星ロケット /CHERRY咲くsomthing time, mind you.

Freshman dorm room! The mess of my home life was just beginning back then.

God, I was so cool, the pants were just dripping off of me. HUGH LAURIE, IS THAT YOU?!

Workspace for all my crazy fanficitions, angsty LJ posts, and the occasional homework assignment.

My much beloved and overused Sex Pot bag of yore. And I'm pissed because I lost that Black Moral bag in the post FOREVER. Not that I couldn't probably buy it again for 1500yen his afternoon, but still, it's the principle of the thing. D:

Pretending to be a hot guy again, probably. A struggle for me, since the hairdresser gave me a bowl-cut like a small Asian boy ca. 1990. 

And before you ask, yes. Yes, I am almost certain this was my myspace photo for at least a year. 

My, how we grow and change!


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