Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rakuten: Hit or Miss

I love, love, love to spend money. So, of course when I discovered Rakuten it was essentially the most dangerous thing for me in the world, and it also causes me to make strange decisions that I later can't understand at all.

  • Like WHY I felt I needed to own all of the Weiss Side B manga years after my obsession with the series.
  • Or WHY I though I could ever walk in 7inch heels.

So here is my most recent Rakuten Hit AND Miss whilst searching for work-appropriate tops.

This one for me was a major Hit. I wore this today actually. It's super light and comfortable and the collar is knit. I worried the sparklies would make it seem too obaachan kei, but it is surprisingly alright.

The Miss for me was from the same store.

When it's laid out for me like this, it's an immediate No D8, but on the ad it looked really cute. Goes really well with that blanket, eh!

I might keep this in a trunk until some day I'm old enough to wear it. D:

Hm. And that is all.

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