Wednesday, August 22, 2012

An Unfamiliar Ceiling

Good evening. How are you? I am sweating on the floor with a bad case of dry mouth, watching Neon Genesis Evangelion. The drug store meds I bought yesterday may or may not be fixing the plague I (and everyone else I know) have come down with, but they sure are drying out my throat. I'm also choking on cherry Vicks cough drops enough that I don't remember what my own mouth naturally tastes like.

The past two days have been weird. I feel like they've been longer than two days. Or like I've been on a trip of some sort. On Monday evening I went after work for a sort of going-away gathering for a good friend. I haven't known her very long, and I feel like we definitely didn't hang out enough, but it was really tough to see her go (though she will be back sooner than we all know, I'm sure of it). It was sort of funny when we were all laying down around the apartment to go to sleep around 4 AM or so, I think there was a dim, half-sleep stupored moment in which everyone in the apartment was coughing and I felt like maybe I was in a hospital.

The next morning we saw her to the airport and quietly retreated to our homes for some real sleep (I had a sort of nightmare actually) until that evening when we met up for dinner and some old Sailor Moon episodes.

These days I'm listening to too much Coldplay.

I got this fan by chance in a magazine at the Lawson a week or so ago and was stunned by how fucking cute it is. Then today in the Don Quixote, I found a gacha machine with little strap versions of Rei and Asuka Kitty and got Rei again. So fucking cute.



In a completely different direction, I love grey. Lately I just want to draw in grey, wrap myself in grey, speak in grey. And I love this nail polish. Finally a non-shiny grey, something that I've been unknowingly on the hunt for ever since one of my wonderful roommates a few years ago complained to me one day that she could never find a shade of sheer, plain grey fingernail polish. I guess I'm intrigued by that kind of challenge. Anyway, it's BYS, and the quality isn't great. It's kind of uneven no matter what I do, but if I just coat it on enough and gel nail finish on top, it's smokin'. And it was cheap.

Last week as well there was some flooding on my side of town. It was storming pretty hard when I got out of work on Saturday, and one of the nice office ladies lent me an umbrella, but when I got out of the subway, I was faced with this...

It's not easy to see maybe, but the water is quite deep. I was wearing some low heels and it still came halfway up my calves when I gave in and forged through.

It also extended down the entire length of the block. I walked through it disgustingly for about three minutes. I feel bad for real flood victims, because who knows what's in that water. I showered and washed my shoes and stockings out immediately when I got home of course.

Anyway, it's getting late and I need to prepare a suitable outfit for branch work tomorrow. I am nervous that people will think I'm making them sick because of my crazy voice. Oh well, nothing I can do.

Hope everyone's well this evening.

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