Friday, August 31, 2012


My head feels like there are a bunch of little fish swimming in it. I have many things I want to do and many things to think about. My spidey senses are tingling. 8D

Anyway, I wanted to update again before August is done so I'm rushing to write again. I'm such an ass.

So I'm finally done with my cold, I think, aside from this junk in my throat, you know how it is. I've been busying myself with different work environments recently, going to branch schools to teach, so it's keeping on my toes too.

On Tuesday I went to hang out with le Katie, and finally picked up my long awaited copy of DIVISION.

Le icecream 


As you can imagine, it was kind of perfect.

DIVISION is crazy though. When the guy and Tower Records handed me the bag with it and the poster, I was shocked at how fucking heavy it was. I was actually having weird University bookstore flashbacks with me tromping down Baxter St. minus three hundred dollars, toting several tomes on nonsense like abnormal psychology and linguistics. I was actually surprised to open it (in the Baskin Robbins, of course) and find only a few critical reading passages. 8D

I won't go into my full thoughts. That's more LJ-talk, I think (maybe even secret LJ-talk) but I'm really feeling disc two. REQUIRED MALFUNCTION blows my mind the likes of HESITATING MEANS DEATH. At any rate, it's nice to have a full album to drink in after all this time. In a sense for us Heretics it's like we've been running a long time without any water, right?

Some photos of the sheer composition of this thing.

It's like a thick, nice quality album.


Accompanying illustration-- I love this aspect of both DIVISION and TOXIC.
Sometimes you feel like just having the song isn't enough, right?

The concept is mainly these two girls in water. Some eerie pictures in here.

Anyway, it's given me a lot to think about. Their releases are always really interesting inspiring, even if just for the sheer amount of production that goes into them. In a way, I've come to terms that it it's kind of my dream to be involved in such a production in some way. Not necessarily like musically, but perhaps artistically? It's the same way I feel when I watch the bonus features on certain movies, all the planning and sheer creation of it is amazing. I don't really want to run one myself, but to have a little bit or artistic liberty and a goal to achieve. That would be great.

So if anyone out there is looking for a pawn... haha.

Oh yea, and my Rei's are accumulating.

Aaaah, tomorrow is the morning shift.

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