Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Soup and the Devil


Last Tuesday, usually my Saturday I worked, so in a sort of effort to preserve the sacredness of luxurious weekend living, I went for some delicious soup with Katie. We had just had a magical realization about the lack of proper soup in our lives the week before, so it only seemed appropriate.

Tokyo Borshiche + Foccacia

Mine was more of a stew, but fabulous. That foccacia was like a puffed up cracker, but in an awesome way.

The face of excitement.

Katie gazed into the a-bisque. Lolololololoooool I'm hilarious.

Bitches love soup.

Granted this shopping center is central and always busy, the line at this place is pretty much constant. And this on a Wednesday.

Bitter chocolate + Tira misu

 Afterwards we meandered across the hall for gelato, because that's the proper thing to do. It was perfect of course. And I'll stop talking about food now, I swear. :D

Also did some accidental art this week. Didn't mean to draw him, but it's Takeru from SuG.


And then I figured, since I'm certain there's something very dark and twisted behind all those bright colors, I wouldn't care about ruining this with some colored pencil practice.

That shoulder pad is outta control.

I'm not good at coloring, but I'm kinda proud of the impact of just how colorful this is. My blending is really rough and I can't seem to give much forethought to what colors I'm putting where, so I really need to practice a lot more. For the meantime though, I'm stuck with this. It's on a postcard, also, so if anyone happening to read this would like some lulzy postcard in the mail of Takeru from SuG, please leave me a comment. I will jot your addy, stamp and send it your way stat. :)

Nothing else for the moment. I'm quite sleepy and I am going to youtube myself to lala land now.

Oh, and cute accessories I shouldn't have bought!

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