Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rainy and Going Home

It's so bleak out this week After getting caught in a sudden downpour in Shibuya the other day after going to see that gallery exhibition Ruki mentioned on twitter, I haven't been so keen to go out. I don't know why I just hate carrying an umbrella such that I'd rather stay home.


The exhibit was really modest but quite nice I thought. Yoda Koji (依田耕治) has done a lot of album covers and art for various bands (Dir en grey, the GazettE, Angelo, more), but his pieces are really interesting on their own. Especially if you bought the TOXIC album and are familiar with the illustrations inside the book, you'll recognize his style. Lots of cut-outs and layering, geometric designs, heavy religious imagery. He had two pieces, ILLEGAL FAMILY and WITHER which I especially liked. If you're in the Tokyo area, I recommend having a look for yourself. YUBISUI's work is much more graphic, like his Six Guns art for the GazettE, but cute and colorful. I didn't realize just how wide-spread his work is, honestly.

Died my hair btw.

I'm going home for a few weeks on Saturday, to the US. While I'm there I will listen to all my old mix CDs from high school and look at my old sketchbooks and think about how things were, as we do when we get older. Hopefully when I come back, I will feel some life has returned to me.

This morning after fighting with my mother again on skype an old friend from high school messaged me and we just talked about nothing for an hour or so. Literally, I think it was mostly just making puns at each other, no real communication, but I felt so happy then. I often feel like I am talking to walls, but I guess everyone feels like that.

And on that bleak note.


  1. At least I'm not the only one who fights with my mum LOL. I love rain, but I don't like getting wet. Because that makes a bunch of sense == but I feel you on not wanting to go out in it.

    Sooooooo you should come to Florida while you're home... maybe... it's only 8 hours... just sayin' :P

  2. Haha, to me rain is great when it's through a big window with a nice lamp on and some tea and a effing wonderful book or something. Actually thunderstorms are just the best! But yea, umbrellas just bring so much more clumbsy to my life...

    I would freaking love to, actually! Problem is, I have no car (I think my license expired too), and no money. But jesus, I would! DX

  3. I hope you have a safe flight, and that things aren't too bad with your mom! Me and my mom tend to but heads a lot :/ when it's good, it's good but when it's bad, it's bad. Sadly no grey area just like the way she sees things :/

    But ahh mixed cds, chillin' sounds good. I am also staying in for a good while of the day. I need to get used to the umbrella thing as well. Hardly anyone uses umbrellas in CA.. -.- I just bought a really small one that fits in my bag.