Sunday, November 18, 2012


The third live of my week of "live hell" was the GazettE at Biwako Hall in Shiga prefecture. This was a really great live for many reasons for me. One big one was that I hadn't preorder tickets. I just suggested to K that if she had nothing to do, we could ride over to Shiga on Sunday afternoon after work and see the GazettE. And it was kind of a joke, but then it became real and we went and bought tickets day of.


It was great. I've never been to Shiga before, so we hurried out of Osaka on the JR soon after work just to be on the safe side. We arrived in plenty of time to dawdle and derp about the area, take pictures with the bus and what have you. We even got goods without a problem (except for those damn lighters, they'll never be mine)!

The hall was quite big and located right on Lake Biwa, which we ignored like proper bangya with our live-day jitters. Lots of cosplayers here, more so than I saw at any of the other lives.

This big road that lead to a Parco, where everyone was hanging out before the live. The only Parco I had ever been to before this was in Shibuya, so it was lulzy experience, the country Parco. Lots of uncomfortable, drawn out stares and general anxiety by the people around us, which was a little bit of an awkward reminder of where we were. :D

We took this purikura in Umeda after we got back to Osaka. I don't know why I put it here.

K is unenthused about Mos Burger lunch. Me too, man. I think were both feeling a little ill from nerves and waking up as bitchass in the morning to do morning shift at work.

I was also worried our seats would be crazy bad since we were buying day of, but it turned out we got some really nice tickets actually! This actually happened again with Jiroko at the Kobe show, which has opened my eyes a little to the joys of Day-Of Tickets.  We were on the 2nd floor (aka the second half of the first floor) right behind the tech booths. I thought there lights would disrupt the concert for me, too, but the didn't. It was magical. Perfect, uninhibited view of the entire band and smack in front of Ruki. It was bliss.

This picture was from after the show of course, but a good idea of what the stage was like for us. The hall wasn't so large inside, either, so they weren't so far either.

Anyway, the show itself was excellent! Really smooth going this time, though, it was a little strange getting started because I couldn't shake the weird of seeing the GazettE out in the country side. But this time the transitions were smooth, everything seemed practiced and efficient.

Uruha, again, was crazy playful. Not too much movement from Aoi or Reita here that I can recall, but then again I had my eyes on Ruki most of the time. He really had down his posing scheme with the lights; man knows how to play with his silhouette. In ATTITUDE when they show the lyrics up on the screen, whenever they put up the whispery part


he would throw his arms out and head back and I swear he looked like some becrazed, headless madman. Like a real, honest-to-god Jekyll and Hyde madman. It was brilliant and it will remain on my retinas until death.

I really wish I could recall some more details about interactions. There was some interesting moment between Uruha and Ruki, but I can't even really recall, nothing big. A little more MC here than previous shows, that was nice. XD

The setlist:



Ride with the ROCKERS
LINDA~candy dive pinky heaven~


All the bolds, btw, are the performances I liked best from the show. I don't think I mentioned that, haha. But yea, ヘドロ and ATTITUDE and even REQUIRED MALFUNCTION, I feel like they just really tore it up like some grungy rock stars here, I can't even lie. It was at this live when they were playing ヘドロ actually when I felt the heaviness of the new music the easiest, I think, because the heaviness of the new album (imho anyway) is kind of really obscured by the electronic alterations. But hearing them tear it up in ヘドロ without to much editting to cloud them up, it became very clear. I felt even at parts of this song that chords and order were going completely awry and it was 100% amazing.

Anyway, when the hall let out everyone hung around the hall for forever and we were super confused as to why so many people were hanging around and for what purpose, when we realised... Oh yea, we're in the country. People are waiting for their car rides home. Hahahahaha...

Living in the city here will turn your mind into fucking soup. :D

Anyway, when we came out at night and it was dark, we had the most beautiful scenery to look over.

The top is the hall and the bottom are the lights and a giant fountain across Lake Biwa. Really beautiful, kind of like the Florida coast line and resort area from across the water. And stars! We could see so many stars in the sky!

Just behind the hall was the beautiful set up. There was a jazz festival happening, so there was this lovely candle-lit area we walked through for a moment (looked a lot like the lights from the Tokae Festival in Nara). Anyway, with the sounds of the festival activities and other people wandering and the lights, it was really just the most luxurious atmosphere in the world that evening. If K had been a cute boy with nice hair I might have tried something on her, hahaha! Like my standards?

Another great point of this live was that K managed to snatch me up this beauty in the goods line...

dun dun dun

The bear speaker! YAAAAY! I was fucking ecstatic. I was wondering if it was going to be possible at all and now he's mine forever. I love him, but I have to admit there's something creepy about pulling all the wires out the back. Kind of like disemboweling him or something. Kinda creeps me out. D:

That's about all for the Shiga live. Next time I'll post the last of the week of "live hell", the Kobe show. When did this become a live/concert blog? That really isn't my intention here.

Anyway, this came about a week ago in the mail for me! the GazettE x TSUTAYA 「Wear the music!」limited shirt. I ordered the regular version of the album and this baby and sent in a postcard for a chance at winning a special live ticket for SHIBUYA O-EAST on Christmas eve. Of course, there's no way in hell I will win since it's only 1000 people, but had to try and see right? Shirt is fucking adorable.


  1. I'm not a fan of Gazette, but I read this whole entry. Yay me!

    Well, I guess it's just because I like the way you're writing. And I like people who have a passion for concerts and stuff like that. (because I feel the same).

    Gazette goods are really cool...have to admit that.

    Reading about how you saw the stars made me giggle, it's so normal over here to see stars...but as you're living in a big Japanese town, I can understand your euphoria haha.

  2. Aw, thank you for reading it anyway! I'm honored you would say that. XD

    Yea, live music, no matter who the band is, Gaze just happens to be my fav. And their goods are so nice! We talk about this all the time, but Ruki really should just open up a regular shop already.

    Ahaha, stars! I miss those, no joke! Too bad they don't photograph well...