Saturday, November 10, 2012

THE PREDATORS @ Namba Hatch (10/9)

Good morning, buttercups! And by that I mean, it's about 6:30 PM right now.

It's been a long day, particularly because it's a weekend. I hate weekends. I work from 8 AM both Saturday and Sunday and mornings can suck it.

Anyway, today during some down time at work I made a little bloglist of things to update about, since usually I can never think of anything worth writing about, and then suddenly in one week, all the things happen and there's too much to write about. But this time, I want to talk about The Predators at Namba Hatch!

Recall meeee ♪

So, on October 9th, Jiroko and I were off to see The Predators at the Hatch. This was an interesting show, because I'm so accustomed to visual lives that it was actually completely disconcerting to be at a non-visual show for once. The atmosphere was a lot more relaxed there, people seemed to just bob there heads and hands as they felt like it rather than pulling hairs and nail biting over fucking up the furi. That was kind of really nice, I'm not gonna' lie. 

Actually we might have been a little too relaxed for this live because we mosey'd up to the door like 800 numbers after our tickets had been called or smth. Hahaha!

Ticket pictures and cute up-front T-print.

The show was really nice, and the set up was interesting, since it was just the three of them, Jiro on the left, drummer in the back middle, and the Pillows guy on the right. They took up like no space at all on the stage, but they also didn't move around much, though they did kind of "session" themselves off for a song onto each other's intsruments, which was fun. :D

The back banner on the stage looked like an old school Sailor Moon villain, no?

There isn't too much else to add aside from Jiro's cute story about looking for the perfect pair of jeans and finally finding them on a homeless man and the drummer told a lulzy story about his first time meeting Jiro (during GLAY) and thinking he was way younger (T:"Jiro-kun, yoroshiku ne!" J:"Yoroshiku~").  So lastly, a setlist I stole from 2ch.

God Game 
Desperate Donor 
Crazy Babar 
Monster in my head 
Dizzy Life 
Risky Revolution 
Sleepy Dragon 
Hurry up! Jerry! 

Country Roads 


Our matching Jiro-designed T-shirts. And I love that you can see the massive
rip in my tights on this purikura. Sexy.

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