Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Firstly, I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! ミ☆

I was gonna update about the Predators and more of the GazettE shows today, but alas, I wanted to get to Halloween before that gets stale. I need to work on posting this stuff faster, because my memory sucks and I forget details, and then I have nothing real to look back at. DX

But anyway, it seemed like most of the big parties were the weekend before the 31st here in Osaka, but I'm not sure, since there were a lot of people milling about when the clubs let out about 1am (stupid Japanese footloose law, here you go). However, we decided to do our all-night celebration on the 31st (a Wednesday) because of whatever reason I don't remember.

The night was not extremely eventful, as we got a late start, and all kinds of things happened, but it was nice to go out for a whole night with people and wear a fun costume. People were super friendly out that night too, and the nanpa was a-happenin', haha (put your shirt on, girl!). We took pictures with people we didn't know, we drank a lot of weak gin, and some guys wrapped in toilet paper through life-saver candies at us from an open van. 

Anyway, some pictures from our party...

My costume wasn't really a costume, but I wore lots of pink make up with my super pink wig from Body Line (super cheap, only 999yen). The horns are tiny clip-ins from Kreepsville666 that are adorable but super easy to break. I wore a black dress with them. Some devil wings would have been cute, but I'm too cheap and lazy.

With Jiroko at the first izakaya, whenever she took her jacket off she was flanked by mens. XD

We only went into this izakaya because the street guy was so adamant and dogeza'd us on the street, he was super cute and fawned on our table like twice before he disappeared forever. The older guy working there was super funny Osaka guy, too. Everyone's a comedian, eh. XD

K and Kate. K and I were kinda like good-angel/bad-angel esque with our wigs. Kate was a scary lolita doll. Scary! 

The first of many drinks that ended in not even a real buzz for me. We went to another izakaya later, and it was the same weak stuff there too. Ah well.

Maybe the best part was all the random people wandering around taking pictures with random people, like this sexy police officer lady here. So many police officers this year, the entire time my mind was just going...

But of all, I think the officer of the year award goes to...


The crazy amount of people waiting for purikura. We usually like to go twice at lease, but here it was just too crowded. While we were waiting some guy asked me if I was wearing a wig...

All in all it wasn't super exciting, but there were lots of interesting happenings, and it was fun to roam around with everyone dressed crazily. I could do it again, maybe with an earlier start next time, though. 

And Happy Election Day to my fellow Americans! I was too late to register for this year's vote, but I had a beer as I wrote this post to celebrate the good news. 

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