Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Good evening! This time I wanted to talk about the first of the two the GazettE OLIX (オリックス劇所) shows on 10/10, since it's the only one I went to, haha. So, after The Predators the day before, I went home, slept, and prepared for the show the next day. I have to say, this week gave me the most ridiculous shoulder pain for some reason.

Derpin' about and getting ready. This day I finally got to pull out my BIG T-shirt (haha, tour good names). This thing is huge and wears like a choir robe in more ways than one. I expect the tour final will just sells us full on priest cosplay. But anyway, I'm in love with this shirt and I would wear it every day of my life if I could. 

The pants I am obssessed with as well, from GAL STAR at Rakuten (that took forever to receive for some reason). I own two pairs of these and a solid wine-colored pair. The fit's a little strange, since the waist is far too big and I need to wear a belt, but the legs fit quite nicely. Guess I just have fat legs? Hahaha! 

This pair is great, though, and super versatile with all kinds of outfits. The solid colored back is supposed to give the illusion of thinner legs as well (guess I need that, ha)! 

Anyway, when I was ready, I left and headed to the park to wait in the goods line in another vain attempt to get the bear speaker that had been sold out at Yokosuka. I thought it would be ok, too, but when I got up to the counter, the girl in front of me got the last one, I kid you not. She stumbled off with it and I stepped up and asked and the lady just point blankly told me in was done. I was so upset! Especially since there was an open box with one sitting right on top behind her. DX

K grabbed it for me in Shiga, though, so now my life is complete! XD

But since I had nothing to do after that disappointment, I headed off to wait for hall opening in a Freshness Burger with this sexy hunk:

I think I just instagrammed for like two straight hours what.

Anyway, finally it was nearing hall open, so I wandered back over to wait in the park outside taking emo pictures and watching some Reita and Ruki cosplayers assaulting one another.

Even though I can't say Yokosuka was a bad show, this show was soooo much better. The mood was better, the crowd was better, and the music sounded a little more together, imho. Even though I was 3rd floor, I had a great view of the entire stage and all the people in our section were really excited and into the show (because there's nothing worse than being at a good show and surrounded by shitheads who wanna stand and gape motionlessly, sorry if that's you).

I also got seated beside the great girl from Tokushima who was there on her own too! It can be super lonely at concerts alone sometimes, so I was super excited to meet someone really nice and friendly like her. We chatted lulzily all the way to the station afterwards, too. 

The set list:



Ride with the rockers
LINDA ~Candydive Pinky Heaven~


Now. If you run through the setlist of the Yokosuka live for a sec, you might notice something similar here. Namely, that they're the same damn setlet, even through the encore. That was a little bit of a let down, honestly, but as I said, this live was so much better that I can't even really complain since they legit seemed like different lives. I was so excited to hear SILLY GOD DISCO again too, so whatev. 8D

This time too I could actually see the video on the screen, which turns out to be mostly clips from the [Diplosomia] PV, but I feel kind of like they're finally put into context with the live happening around them. They were a bit still on the stage this time, but Uruha was working up a storm. Actually I feel like he was doing work over there, for some reason, kicking up dust and dancing. I notice that all of the big solos are his with this album, which makes me a little sad, since I would have liked to see some more Aoi (I worry about that guy).

Back to Uruha, when it came to his solo in SILLY GOD DISCO, he ran up for some attention from Ruki who ignored him and immediately went to get some water... So Uruha followed him back there, and Ruki just kinda looked over in Reita's direction until he finally gave up. It was so sad and hilarious I died a little. 

Oh yea, at this live jumping was not allowed. Apparently if we all jump, we disrupt the neighborhood around the hall, so we were supposed to not jump. I'm pretty sure we all did anyway, though. XD

As mentioned before, I didn't go to the second day of OLIX (didn't have the cash moneys, haha, the week before payday sucks). But Jiroko and I went out for dinner and dropped by the venue to grab the special wallpaper from psmobile. And as we wandered the back streets, what should roll up but THE GAZE BUS.

He was like parked on a side of the street for a nice while when we finally got to him, and then it was like as soon as we started trying to take a picture he kept driving off. We ran after and he kept stopped, letting us catch up, and then running off again. If he woulda' climbed out of that bus I woulda' fought him, haha.

Anyway, there was that adventure.

Tried this manicure style this week. I liked it, but I'm about the messiest nail artist you've ever seen.

I love days off. 


  1. Fat legs, pssh yeah right *eye roll*

    How can you not jump at a live...? I bet that bus driver was damn entertained XD

  2. Lol. I don't really think they're fat, but they are shaped funny. XD

    Yea, it was a little strange. I mean there is a good, jumpable live house down the street, so why not play there instead, I don't understand it.