Thursday, July 4, 2013

3 min Make-Up Challenge!

Good morning!

I don't usually destroy my drive for success so early in the day, nor do I usually make vlogs (and by that I mean never), but today was a special kind of work day, so I decided to do something unusual. And actually I still haven't been called in to work yet, so at 10am I'm removing this shit and going back to sleep, haha.

Anyway, if you watch it and read this, I'm tagging YOU! I shared my failure with you, so please give it a try and share a link to your video! We can comfort each other, haha.

I did finish it eventually, btw. I don't really wear much when I go to work, nor recently since it's gotten hot because my skin is so rough and it melts. But when finished:



  1. LOL omg I loved how you would hum songs I so do that crap also xD and the comments were funny too! You are so cute haha <3

    This seems like fun to do! But I usually just put on eyeliner and curl my lashes because I'm so lazy so that would be easy to do in 3 minutes :[ so boring lol.

    On good days though (when I'm not lazy), mascara, face makeup, blush, highlighting, and eyeliner are in the equation :o haha and even fancier, throw on some lashes LOL

  2. lol, Thanks! It's really just a lot of derping though. XD

    You should do the challenge with like special occasion make-up then, and post your video! I wanna watch! <3

  3. Okay :D I will do it as soon as I have time!