Friday, July 19, 2013

Shave Them Legs

Like them sexy feet? It seems like a majority of people in this world are terrified or disgusted of feet for some reason or another. I mean, I understand not wanting other people's feet in your face and all, but foot-phobia is generally quite puzzling to me. Anyway.

Just jumped out of the shower on my super work-free Friday and took some extra time to do a hair mask and shave my legs (even though I suck at it and had to touch it up as soon as I put on my shorts), and am pondering something that has plagued me ever since I started shaving my legs to begin with.

Now, I'm from the southern US, Georgia to be specific, and my mother is a pretty southern as far as southern goes, and she raised me in what I can only assume is a very southern way. When I was first "old enough" (oo la la!) to shave my legs I remember my mother telling me, "A lady never need shave more than an inch above the knee."

And unless I'm wearing something particularly short without tights (which is only in the dead of summer like now), its generally a rule I follow.

The problem is, now is baking outside and there's just no way to get by without flashing some thigh and I just want to shave hell out of them. Uggggh but the hair is so thin and light, it takes forever and I can never seem to get it all. It's quite possibly the bane of my existence right now.

So I'm just curious. What do you do to make this process easier?

And I'm off work for summer now! It's so nice to have a long, work-free summer vacation for once without have to take any huge exams to get there, haha. Cheers!

^ I walk past this place on the way to work sometimes. I can't tell if it's a plant shop, a gardeny cafe, or just someone's private gardeny world, but it's amazing. Through the windows there are so many plants and just these sparsely hanging light bulbs creating the most perfect ambiance you've ever seen.


  1. Being from the same lovely ol' state as you, my mum actually taught me the same thing :x I didn't know any different until I went to college and my roommates were all YOU DON'T SHAVE YOUR THIGHS DDJFGNVJDFNSDF

    When you find the answer, let me know... I still can't (and sometimes just don't) shave my upper legs completely. I would suggest you use something like Veet but I don't think they would have that in JP...

  2. I don't exactly know what people find disgusting about feet, either...
    And about shaving thighs, I wouldn't worry about all the small light thin hairs. If you don't catch them in the process, people can't really see them from afar anyway, right? I never touch up my shaved legs unless I missed a really dark stripe or anything. (Hell I don't even shave properly here in Germany.) And I do believe guys or anyone else won't come that close to look how well you shaved haha.

  3. I just shave what I can and if I miss some spots oh well~ hose hairs are light anyways :] haha I'm so lazy T__T

  4. Yea, it's so hard to get them all! But if other people are skimping, I think I'm gonna stop worrying about it too haha.

  5. Yea it's never made sense, but soo many people do :/

    This is all very true. I think I'm just gonna relax about it then because it's been driving me crazy! It's just not worth trying for something that's practically invisible anyway.

    Any intentions to return to Japan soon btw?

  6. Wow! It shouldn't surprise me, but it's somehow super neat to know your mum taught you the same. Just a southern thing I guess.

    Yea, haven't seen anything like veet here. I think I'm just gonna abandon hope for farther up the thighs personally, lol. As long as I know I'm not the only one, it doesn't seem to matter so much for some reason haha! It's just such a pain for something barely invisible... DDx

  7. I used to hate my feet and never wanted to show them, but now I don't care. Who knows what that was really about. lol

    is annoying and I'm thinking about buying one of those plucking
    machines. They've finally become all the rage in the US I hear.

  8. Really? I still hate the way my feet look in peep toes, haha

    Oh! I remember Jitka used to use one but with the Japanese voltage it was so slow and I would hear her making pain noises, lol XD That's a pretty decent idea tho! I hear the hair stays gone longer right?

  9. Wah, sorry to butt in but I've had one of those! It actually didn't work for me because my hair is thin and it only plugged out the thick ones. There might be better ones in Japan but mine was a pretty 'good' quality one :< If you want to use that for the thin hair, it really will take you longer than shaving because it's hard to grasp them.

  10. Actually, yes, in August if all goes well. Is your keitai mail still the same? In that case I will try to bother you once I'm there.

  11. Yeah, it stays away longer and you don't get those annoying red bumps. D:
    I think they're cheaper to buy here than in the US though. I need to go pricing at BIC camera.

  12. Ahhhhh so not a fixer :/ But it worked well other than the thin thigh hairs? Was it better than shaving?

  13. Why does bic camera seem like the weirdest place ever to buy something like this...

  14. It is!! This August?? I will be in the US until the 15th, and then I will go to Osaka for a couple of days a little after, but other than that, please bother away! :D

  15. Yodobashi camera also has a pretty wide variety too. lol