Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Things I'm "Digging" Lately

I made another vlog post. I can't help it, the last was really fun and I had some free time, so :/

 So, if you watched that, those are some things I'm into recently. Also super psyched because my Asian Kung-Fu Generation and lynch. tickets just got here while I was posting that. I didn't mention AKFG in that video because my Gorillaz love is a little overwhelming right now, but AKFG is also something I'm getting back into after a long time. I really like there latest album to bits. Like it to bits.

 And I finally got curtains, so finally the neighbors don't have to endure my naked... tada!

embrace the paisley

And then the other day in Shibuya I saw this... tada!

hide museum bus! feels! 8D

And that's all. Later!


  1. I looove the last photo ♥ you're so beautiful..!
    Wish I could go to Hide Museum ;;

  2. Aw, I'm reeeeally not, but thank you so much anyway! High contrast does so much for one's complexion, haha XD

    Aw, but you're coming again next year? Maybe it'll pop up again by then. It's no telling with these things! <3

  3. Lol you're so cute! I love watching your videos :D

    Which lynch. concert are you going to? :o I was actually planning on going to one as well if the concert tickets didn't sold out yet >< I was planning on getting them when I arrived in Japan.

    Yay or the Hide museum! My friend and I are actually making plans to go there as well :]

  4. Aw thank you so much! <3

    I am going to 8/24 at Shibuya AX! And actually I just bought the ticket general sale last week so I feel like you won't have a problem getting one too, especially if you're getting here so soon! If you go, let's meet up!! :DD

    Yes, the hide museum! So psyched it's back! I'm going to it at USJ in August as well, super psyched!

    ...I use a lot of exclamation points, sry.

  5. Your videos... I like them. Your personality comes off really great over camera, and you're funny!

    Oh, Gorillaz. My dad likes them more than anyone I know.

  6. Ah, okay then! The one I was planning on going to was a mucc, lynch., heidi, and angelo with my friend but she said Angelo is really popular so it's probably sold out already T__T I'd definitely be down to go to the one on the 24th though! I'll let you know ^-^

    Haha no need to apologize! I use them a lot too O__o LOL

  7. Oh yea, that's the one that Inoran was gonna be at too. Intersection of Dogmatic Party, I think the event's called. A friend and I tried to get tickets, but failed all ticket lotteries. You might still be able to score something on auction sales or on mixi? I'm actually going to the two Angelo lives the following days. ^^;

    But yea, let me know if you're going to the 24th! We can do some lulzy purikura or smth, haha

  8. They already sold out T__T lol

    I'm most likely going to go :] Just going to get the tickets ^^ And yes! That sounds awesome :D