Monday, July 1, 2013

Watching and Moving


Been ages again, but... Happy July!

Hope everyone's enjoying the summer heat. Not really even near full capacity yet here in Tokyo. It's surprising to me though, since every day I head out of my apartment ready to die and it's never as bad as I expect.

The heat is killing my skin though! I've cut down on sugars, starting using some other products (I have my LuLuLun mini mask on as I type this, haha), and stuff, but it's still too soon to see results yet. All I know is if nothing works, I'm going to have to start storing my head in a freezer at night or accept my new complexion au pubescent boy. :/

In good news, my vertigo has gotten much better! I don't want to jinx it and say it's gone, but it seems lately  to be triggered mostly by when I try to sleep on my right side and when I drink alcohol. That sounds weird, but it's true.

...ooooooh, this Bon Presso is chilling my legs. D8

Anyway, I sort of go in and out of all my fads. I abuse something for a week and then drop it like its hot the next, and my recent fad is, dun da duh duuuuuun....


I've currently been abusing bubzbeauty's youtube channel as well as her personal vlog channel, which is mostly about 8min vlogs about things she does in her day.e's really cute with a good sense of humor and a really great attitude about day to day life, her videos have lots of great how-to's, recs, and inspiring ideas or messages. I really, really recommend her channel, if you haven't seen it yet. The above "Beauty Day with Bubz" video is my favorite. The inspiration for how I'm spending my Sunday evenings!

Also from bubbi's channel, I found blogilates! These videos are fantastic, and so great since I had just recently thought about getting an aerobics exercise DVD or something to use in my room. I don't know why it never occured to me to check youtube. I'm way out of shape, so I've decided on using the beginners videos and terrorizing myself with some of the challenges now and then, at least until I get some curtains where my neighbors won't be able to see me tripping over my own feet with the cardio workouts and dancing Gangnam Style at odd hours of the night.

If you're ambitious, I really recommend the "Call Me Maybe Mighty Squat Challenge" here. It's really hard for me to walk right now (which is especially difficult since I spend much of my work day going up and down many various flights of stairs).

She also has a really trying arm challenge to Want U Back by Cher Lloyd that I aim to conquer and a really fun-looking Gangnam Style dance routine.

I also starting watching some amatuer Japanese comedian blogs, but that's another story for another day, haha.

I hope you enjoy, and if anyone has any recs for me of interesting vlogs or youtube/vimeo channels, please let me know!

Good night  ミ☆


  1. I am so going to watch her videos now. I have been meaning to lose some weight and get toned :D

  2. I love those channels! If you're into makeup, gossmakeupartist is really fun and informative.

  3. Yay! Yes, bubz is one of my favorites! It's so awesome when people are successful at what they want to do. いいな!!

    And thanks for the rec! I've only watched 2 of his vids so far, but jesus he really knows his stuff @_@

  4. They're really fun work outs, the blogilates! And she often starts talking about the most randomly nostalgic things in the middle of it all like the Spice Girls and Lisa Frank, lol. But yay! Let's both do our best (though you look so small already imo!) <3